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Start your day the right way!

  1. Get 7-9 hours of Sleep, with the wifi turned off!

  2. Wake up before the sun!

  3. Greet the day! Some of my favorites include; Great Rising! Happy New Day! Happy {insert day of the week}!

  4. Wrap yourself in love. From the soles of your feet to the top of your head, envision being wrapped in ribbons of love all over your body!

  5. Awaken your body; gently rocking and rolling each body part from your feet up. Wiggling toes and fingers, rocking ankles and wrists. bring the soles of your feet onto the bed with knees up, rock your knees gently side to side. Bring them to center and give them a big hug!

  6. 12 oz Glass of water, and a morning brew (teeccino, coffee, tea, etc.) while reading or journaling.


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