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Monday, June 12, 2023

I love roasted root vegetables, and I am realizing they cause me inflammation. The way we process different foods, really makes a difference in the digestibility. This i have known for a bit now, though setting it into practice comes with.. well practice. I realize for so much of my life, this feeling of inflammation and gas was such a norm that I thought it was just a full feeling.

There are a lot of good foods that when not prepared properly, they take a toll on our bodies. Tomatoes and peppers, for example, should be peeled and deseeded before ingesting, and the process is pretty simple. And I'll tell you what, the way it feels when you take the time to do it right, makes it worth it. Most greens should be boiled once for 5 mins, water dumped, and boiled again. There are phytochemicals in them that are actually anti nutrients and will block your absorption of the good stuff. The plants have these as their defense mechanism.

Wanna know another fun fact, brown rice is an inflammatory food too. White rice is actually better for you. The rich used to give the peasents the brown rice because it wasn't properly processed, and save all the good white rice for themselves. Brown rice is not better for us. Try it for yourself. Get high quality of both. Cook them the same on separate nights back to back. The white rice is digestible, the brown.. not so much.

I had really set all these practices into play because of what I was studying about a year ago. I slipped from being super dialed in, and I know this is why. So that I could feel and see for myself the true difference. It takes some learning, and again when you feel good, you know it is worth it.

Laying in bed with bloat and inflammation has inspired this post. I was able to relieve some gas with a few stretches, though I'd prefer not to get to this point. Root vegetables have their place, steamed is much better, and for beets, make kvass, a fermented beverage. For most other vegetables also, it is best to ferment them, which is pretty easy, just takes practice like anything else.

I don't wish this feeling on anyone, though I know like me, most of us have lived with this feeling being a norm.

That loosen the top button feeling serves me no longer. The Weston A Price foundation is a great place to do research, Dr. Tom Cowan, and also from Arthur Haines is where I learned most of what I know. Although Arthur talks mostly of wild plants, it crosses over pretty easily... And it is really beneficial to have the wild plant knowledge!!

Love your self and treat yourself right. Eat whole, high quality, nourishing foods. Meditate, move your body, sing, dance, laugh. This physical body is how we interact with this physical reality. Really treat it right, and good will come your way.

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