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Monday, June 19, 2023

Sun gazing.

Just getting home from watching the sunset from the beach🙏 it is such a blessing to be able to witness this. The sun tonight was so beautiful, I always like to in joy a good sun gaze as the sun sets. Sun gazing has helped to heal my eyes, to bring them back to true focus. I feel this is the real reason we are told not to look at it. We find true connection and center as we gaze at the sun. The sun of God.

The eyes are connected to our solar plexus, our energetic center that governs over our focus, and our internal sun, our light, our inner fire. Hmmm. Interesting. I have found that as I focus on my breath, I can focus better on the sun, able to see through the sun, so it seems. You know the black marks that happen when you glance at the sun, so when sun gazing, you place the black circle over the sun, they look as one and then there is a pink/red and blue light that seems to circle around the sun. This is helping to open your first eye and really allow you to see life as it is. When sun gazing, auras appear around everything, I feel this gaze helps us to tap into higher vibrations, higher frequencies, therefore seeing higher light and color spectrums, ones we cannot see without this practice. I have found this practice to open doors to my connection with nature, and always allow me to come back to this pure focus. This is a way to charge, great to do at the beginning of end of the day, and the more you practice the higher in the sky you can do these gazing practices. Just be cautious and take your time. Realigning takes deep adjustments, this makes huge shifts within your soul that then get set into practice.

There have been times, that as sun gazing, I focus on each energy center and practice the sound/vibration that goes along with it. While doing this I have seen shifts in my aura that then when placed over the sun create the beautiful patterns that many of us have seen drawn as the representative flowers of each chakra/energy center. What an amazing experience. It makes so much sense. It's as if the sun acted as a projector through my energy field, and the vibrations create certain pictures that then I was able to see .

Sun gazing is an ancient practice, and so is sound/vibration/frequency healing. In putting the two together I feel we can uncoverany mysteries and do wonders for our health.

The sun is a beautiful reflection of the light within us, remember that you shine as bright as the sun, this light comes from within, many of us just keep it hidden inside. It is time to let it out. Shine and let your soul/sol show. There is nothing to fear, except fear itself. So let it go, and be. Be love, be you, wholly you.

I love you.

Eye love you.

Many blessings 💜💚❤️

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