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Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Things always happen in perfect time. Always. "Good" or "bad" it is always perfect. You are being given exactly the lesson for that moment. When we align with our true purpose, things just seem to fall into place. When we are trying so hard to push something to happen and keep running into large obstacles, often times this is the greater good trying to tell us we may be going the wrong way.

We will feel these things in our bodies too. Each place in/on our body is here to tell us something different. When we feel a pain or discomfort, listen to your body. Like knee pain for example, knees are what help project is forward. Pain in the front of the knee, we are trying to go straight forward and hitting a wall, a block, maybe this isn't the path to take. Side knee pain however is when we are trying to sidestep a situation that we should be facing head on.

Everywhere in our bodies have different things like this to tell us. Even if we are harmed in a way that seems unrelated, the fact is that our body was going to speak to us one way or another. Believe it or not, listening to your body will serve you well.

I have found many different techniques to connect to what our body may be trying to say, some is as simple as, example, stomach/digestion problems, are you having problems or trouble digesting a certain situation or idea? You will feel it here.

Many times I have had pains come up, listen to them and process what they are saying and then the pain goes away. It is a greater intelligence at hand. An intuition, and innate wisdom. It's all so real, you've just got to tap in to i

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