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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Today's events & realizations:

  • Wild dream last night. It was a party with all people I know and love, the house seemed very similar to the house my mom's parents lived in, in MD, but with some modern touches, doors and balconies on all sides, and it was not in a neighborhood. I was having a great time, then noticed a shift in the weather, a huge storm with giant winds came rolling in. I started to run and close the doors and made sure River was inside the house. Out the front door probably a football field away was this giant floating stage, surrounded by neon lights, a giant eye at the top, and the band on it gave me horrible feelings. It seemed as if they were creating the storm. Once I had all the doors shut, the band and storm seemed to stop. Then we all continued to mingle and injoy one anothers company. To me it seems this is pointing to the things that can come creeping into my head, illuminati type stuff, that tries to cause fear and disruption. Once I choose to close the door on it, it simply goes away. When we stop giving our attention to things in life that cause us fear, they no longer appear.

  • After rising, I did my usual rising routine, I fed Mr Tico, and then I felt like laying in bed for a while, so I did. I did a little reading, and blogging/website stuff and it felt good. I was also feeling a little more activity in my uterus, thinking maybe this caused a huge slow down at certain points in my day. This being one of them.

  • I felt the urge to really move then, went into the yard and started with a really grounding and centering yoga practice. Then did some boxing with Travis. I noticed a HUGE difference compared to when we just go out and get straight to hitting pads. I was moving my body so much better, I didn't have to remind myself to turn my hip or bring my hands back, I had already set into a conscious movement practice and this made a world of difference.

  • At one point I threw a punch really hard, and felt it extend my elbow, there was a little pain. I thought about it for a moment, and said to myself "don't over extend yourself", and the pain went away. Hearing my body speaking to me through and through. Not just in boxing, also in life.

  • Back inside I finished making my 2nd run of bone broth, and made myself some broth with eggs cooked in it. One of my favorite ways to start my day with great fats and protein full of nutrients!

  • Took a cold shower, and felt wiped out. So I layed down, originally to speak with the baby spirits, and then fell into a deep sleep.

  • Travis had his friend Jordan over, perfect timing, I had planned to make him the TieDye shirt he asked for today. Now he got to witness it! I also made shirts for Travis' friends Charlie and Seba, and a few random items! Ooh and finished some awesome shoes for our neighbor Cody! When I am feeling good and taking really good care of myself, I flow really well with the TieDye. I notice a difference in the quality and how it reflects where I am.

  • Dominique, Mike, and sweet baby Keanu came by to check out the spot they'll be moving in for the summer. Though I miss Sydney and Jameson, it will be nice to have good neighbors in the meantime! (They were my first doula client too, so it's awesome to be able to be here for support, and to witness their growth as a family)

  • Have been craving steak all the time.. so I made steak stir fry for dinner. I think steak, and not ground beef, because you can be sure it is from one animal. There is something that has been rubbing me wrong when it comes to ground meat. Quality is everything too, always. Cause you're worth it.

  • Listened to a zoom recording Sydney sent me, wonderful reminders about the womanly blood cycle and how to really tap into the energies of it! Lots of good info, and I really liked the tie to how we may hold trauma in our womb/uterus from our first bleed and from it not being a ceremony for the rite of passage that is. Often time we hold lots of shame, guilt, grief around this. I also like how she went into the cycle and how it ties with the moon cycles and elementals.

  • Then settling in for the night, the normal chores for the evening, vacuuming, brushing Tico, putting lemongrass scent around the house to keep the house clear of all unwanteds, trash out, and tooth/ self care. And here for journaling.

  • Today has been a day to deeply reflect and create based off that. I felt a sense of a much appreciated slow down. A day to be sure to not overextend myself.

  • From here I will meditate with my thoughts on the uterus, allowing communication to come through as it wants. I will open conversation though

As always, thank you for taking time to witness my day, my thoughts, my processing.

I love you ❤️

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