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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

If you're reading this, thank you for witnessing my journey. Usually I would be writing this in my large journal that I created a little over a year ago, called the "Here Now Journal". I have come to the conclusion that these journal entries will go further being shared here. Plus.. this journal is easier to carry with me.

-Today has been a wonderful day! Travis had a day off and we celebrated early by getting to our favorite breakfast spot when they opened!! Not only is the food great, I also love to feed the birds. It feeds my soul!

-I have been keeping the apartment so clean and tidy, today I even cleaned the closet and got rid of some clothes and other things that needed to go.. even though I have a very minimal amount to begin with. Sometimes I joke I dress like a cartoon character, with the same few items being rotated through. It works well for me, especially because when it comes to clothes I choose to wear 100% natural fibers. Now even taking the next step to all organic fibers. Synthetic fibers make my body feel claustrophobic, like my body can't breathe. I had rose in the middle of the night a few times while wearing non natural materials and had to rip the items off because I would get so overheated. It's not always easy finding items I like, once I do though I know how valuable the item is... So, I will wear items until they are riddled with holes.

-I made some pickles from the Mexican cucumbers I picked from our trees out front! Raw, they leave an interesting film on your teeth, I am hoping the pickling helps reduce this!

-Went to the "bird house" to take a nap. Instead of napping I chose to do some Yin Yoga. I put on a Rudolph Steiner lecture and got to it. I love listening to his lectures, he saw the world in such a beautiful, true way. After ward, I felt as if I took a nap, if not better, so well rested. The flies were all over me while practicing, I just like to thing of them as gentle reminders of where the body needs to relax. Almost like acupressure or a massage. The society we live in has, for such a long time, been in a state of disconnect, from ourselves, from others, from spirit, nature and truth. It is time to rekindle these important connections. Our health has a lot to do with these connections.

-Prepped items for tiedye that will be dyed tomorrow. Things for Kip, Jordan, Charlie, Seba, Cody, and a few random! Creativity has been flowing like a river! It feels good to be deeply connected to the inspiration.

-Yin Yoga @6 , great session with McKenzie, on the way she found a turtle on the same road I found a turtle about a month ago. A great reminder to take things slow, and know you're always home. How perfect for a Yin Yoga sesh!

-Into the house to start to get things ready for sleep. Steep lemongrass tea to cleanse and clear the house, as well as a nightly vacuuming. We had been dealing with fleas, so instead of worrying about that, I can vacuum. It feels good in such a small space to keep it clean daily.. plus it takes maybe 5 minutes to vacuum the whole place, and since I am always barefoot... The place does get a decent amount of dirt, even with our door mats.

-Travis has been studying to be a pilot, and today really got to get his nose in the textbook! Pretty interesting stuff, I look forward to watching him FLY(literally and figuratively)!!!

-Picked the luminosity card today for the collective. The luminous female attracts the chivalrous male. We have to trust and allow them to be chivalrous, is taking the first steps to show them the true respect the male wants/craves. Then we get the love we seek.

Off to bed for me now. Thank you for witnessing. Thank you for being. Always in all ways, I love you all❤️

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