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Friday, June 9, 2023

As I rise, thinking about my dreams, I sit and think the meaning behind them. Part of my dream is very obvious, the other.. not so.

  • Dream 1: I was with my mom, and my friend McKenzie. Her man was having a get together with some friends and we joined. I was hoping for some cordial interactions, and soon found out the men there were not seeking anything other than getting our clothes off. As soon as I realized the intentions I was ready to go. Of course, McKenzie had her man there with her so she was not quite as aware of the intentions of the other men. My mom thought they were all just being so friendly. I kept heading toward the door and somehow ending up back inside. I realized I had to guide them to see the truth of the situation. I touched their heart, solar plexus and 1st eye(3rd eye). They shook out of the illusion and ended up coming with me out the door. This one shares with me the way to guide is to help others tap into their own true wisdom and guides inside.

  • Dream 2: Travis, Garrett, Lohra, and I were on an adventure up a large mountain. This mountain was full of obstacles. Part of the way I was driving a G Wagon, Travis in passenger, the other two in the back. We were crossing rickety bridges and climbing the side of this mountain in this vehicle with ease. I could feel some fear in the vehicle, also a sense of trust. I kept pressing forward knowing the way. We got to a point when the mountain turned to a very steep incline, we all had to get out. The men went first to take on this incline. Garrett was first to go , then Travis went a few steps after. Garrett got about 10 big climbs up, was doing so well, and decided to turn around and come down. Travis then followed suit and came back down. Us ladies didn't get why they had come back. Garrett then said "I'm not sure I'm ready for this." Travis looked at him and said, "we can do this." Meanwhile, I then started up the incline. I realized that the fear really came when looking back, when I continued forward, it was as if I was levitating my way up the mountain. Travis then started up the mountain again, following my lead, no need to look back and too felt as if he was levitating up the mountain. It wasn't something we could communicate, the steps had to be made on our own. As we reached the top, Lohra started to make her way up and Garrett soon chose to give it another go. I then awakened and shared this dream with Travis. It's like diving through waves. Even though they may look big and scary, the best way to maneuver them is to choose to go through them. Waiting for them will get you knocked over and tossed about inside the wave. Going over them sometimes works, other times you'll get taken out too. The true way to get through situations is really to feel and go through it, going to the place where you may not be able to see the other side, and you still trust you'll come out okay, if not feeling stronger and more alive within yourself.

On with my day. Off to a wonderful start.

  • Extra snuggles

  • Rising stretches - a daily routine to start centered and activate our bodies.

  • Oil pull and tounge scrape, starting from the wayyy back.

  • Water/ Tea

  • Feed Tico & Give him love

  • Make chicken bone broth.

  • Journal and more kitty snuggles.

  • La Leche League meeting! So wonderful to see and hear from all these mommas about their experiences breast feeding and motherhood in general! These women have created the tribe like experience that is needed in society, with generations of mommas sharing wisdom!

  • Zoom call with sweet Sydney!! It is so good to see her and chat with her. She seems to be in her element, back in her home flow! She is such a grounding force, grateful to have her In my life!

  • Condee Man came to check out the a/c at Granny's house. The coil is leaking, the fan is busted, and there has been some freezing in the attic as well. Lots to get into and think about with what that could pertain to. I have to give them another call to, they'll have to check out the fan at the condo too. Good conversations with him too, he is aware of what is going on in this world, only things that I have to say though is there is no need to live in fear. That doesn't serve us. That's what the negative energy feeds off of.

  • Then home to Babe! He brought me my favorite sandwich from Food and Thought... I wanted no bunny cheese and the past two times they haven't gotten that right... Must be something my body actually wants, so great creator is making sure I get it! He also spoiled me with more acai!

  • A wonderful day overall! Lots of work put in on this website, and I am feeling very good about it! Next thing will be exactly what is offered with the mentorship. Making mental note of that now.. oh and yoga class booking!!!

Off to sleep for me now! Some tuning fork work before I make it there! Peace and love!

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