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Thursday, June 8, 2023

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

I am always reflecting on why things happen the way they do. Whether a positive impact or a negative, I see meaning in everything. I also see reflections in everything. As if everyone else is mirroring something to me, or to others. I am a witness.

Points from my day

  • Booked a flight to MD to be there for Sachi's memorial.

  • As soon as I did, I recieved a call from local La Leche League leaders to share knowledge to university students as a doula.

  • Made some tiedyes that Iook forward to washing out in the am. Orders going out! More projects ready to go, had to buy black dye, and now it's on!

  • Picked the reward and synergy card!! Realizing our gifts and talents that we are here to share and working together with others. This is how we truly flow best in this world. And create our hearts dreams.

  • I wish true sobriety for everyone. Pure connection with the self, and others.

  • A/C at both my gmas places are out. Fans not blowing. I'll wait for the full diagnosis.. then I will connect this deeper. Broken fans.. hmm...

  • When plants are begging for water, we feel it within our body, like an un quenchable thirst and a heat that you can not escape.... Until you water the plants. If you have thirsty plants.. and are feeling sluggish.. water your plants. This is a way they communicate. Some of us just don't realize the sensitivities we have in the connection of everything around us.

  • High quality foods are so important for our body. Reduce toxins from your life where you can. Products, water and foods are great places to start.

  • The waves at the beach were actually waves!! I could body surf them and dive through them one after another! Beach time with friends is important to me. McKenzie brought the LED hoop I gifted her a few weeks ago. She has really found a flow with it! Karli brought a crystal bowl and I had my tuning forks, and bongo cajon. I also brought my love oracle cards and my spirit animal cards. Karli picked some for everyone. For me she picked the sacred woman and the fox! We all in joyed the sunset and even made it into the water as the sun traveled beyond the horizon! Katie met us just before sunset, she brought the fire hoop and spun for her 3rd time. I am glad these gifts have been given to the right women. I see them doing lots with them, and I am ready to focus on flow in other ways. Though when they're around .. of course I'll still play! A wonderful evening!

  • Then on the ride home River and I made up songs over the phone. She is a wonderful guitarist.. young prodigy figuring out the ukulele all on her own! I had time to talk with momma and Janay as well, a lovely chat with all of them. I look forward to seeing them all in person ❤️

  • Home & babe was a wonderful warm welcome home. He also brought us some acai to share. Very yummy and a sweet thought! Travis is a great man! He is doing great things.

  • Nightly chores to keep this place clean and tidy! I have even started steeping lemongrass to fill the house with the smell and to place the activated grass in places where roaches had been coming in. It smells good and does a great job. I also have been pouring a little bit of bleach down the drains to keep them clear and clean. I wouldn't usually use harsh chemicals, but in our community we are waiting for the septic to be drained and this is how I find to keep the yuck down in the meantime! Little changes make big difference.

  • I was trying to ask Travis to do these things while I am gone. I don't mind doing any of the things around the house when I am here. He didn't realize I meant when I go to MD and he had become defensive, which made me emotional as well. Clarity in communication could use some work. Awareness is key. My emotions are also a bit more heightened and slightly edgy right now. I always bring myself back by taking deep breaths, and then am able to see the situation in a new light.

Thank you for being. Thank you for reading. Life is what you choose, use your heart and soul for guidance. Be sure to love yourself, fill your cup first, then you can choose to pour into others.

Always in all ways I love you❤️

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