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Mother's Day

First off, Happy Belated Mother's day to all you beautiful Mother's that make the world go around. Thank you for sharing love and supporting strong & healthy growth in each and every one of us. none of us would be here without wonderful mothers.

This mother's day, I had a realization of why this day is even more important than I had thought. not only is this a day to be grateful for the moms who offer love and life lessons day in and day out, but it extends to each and every being. Looking around this past Sunday, I saw so many mother's doing what naturally has been ingrained in them. Mother ducks teaching their new hatchlings how to eat and swim, momma birds watching over their babes first flights, as well as plant sprouts and their new growth. Mother Earth opening her love ever more to show her acceptance and knowing that each and every child of this earth has the ability to grow to be great. it is up to us children to step into our own light and let our souls glow & shine through without the fear of falling down. always knowing that what we are doing when we trust in the love around us is what we are supposed to being doing, because that is what we are guided to.

even if we don't 100% agree with everything our mother's did and do for us, we know that it was done through love and how they viewed our best interest. always Remembering nothing is personal, rather - it is all spiritual and ultimately, the great mother spirit has always been here with us, for us. she continues to support and guiding us, always, in all ways. whether this be through clear waters, or through the mud, it has all been for us, never happening to us, for the purpose of developing us into the greatest beings we can be. when we take things personally, it is on us. offense is always taken, not given. there is something there that is blocking us from within, not an external force. it all comes from within.

Thank you Mothers, The living, and the dead. Fore, we are surrounded by your great spirits at all times. this world is amazing & beautiful, and we are connected deeper than we can imagine.

Forever Grateful,


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