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AlignYourInnerG #4 - Breath

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

A simple way, which really could have been Tip #1, conscious breathing. When we give time to focus on our breath, we are spending extremely quality time with our selves, our soulves.

Starting with simple breathing techniques as belly breathing, then we can step into deeper practices. Belly breathing is a super beneficial calming, connecting breath technique. Sometimes we may find it is difficult to breathe into the belly, if you happen to get caught up along the way to breathing into your belly, that is okay.

take some time in the space you are getting caught up. let your breath fill the space with warmth and love. with each breath out allow this stuck energy that no longer serves you to be released with love, sometimes a sigh helps releasing these blocks. With the next breath go to the depth that serves you, maybe you can go a little deeper, maybe you spend more time in this space. This is listening to your body.

We hold onto everything we ever live through in our bodies, using our powerful tool of breath we can start to work though traumas that may be trying to communicate with us. Our traumas communicate through our body, through dis-ease, ailments, aches, pains, etc. I mean when you think about it, they cause us emotional pain, why would they not manifest in the physical body.

Using your breath to give love to these places we feel in our bodies as pain is a way to start a great bit of healing. sometimes even completely resolving what may be causing you pain.

Breath is amazing. allow it to help you move through life with ease.

always in all ways with love,


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