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Wednesday, September 6, 2023

So grateful for the blessings coming my way.

Even though sometimes it may not feel like I'm getting the response, or reaching everyone that I offer my teachings too, I know that god/the universe is hearing me.

As I continue to do what is right, every day, I am seeing a beautiful return of energy coming through.

In the past week or so, Travis and I have been truly gifted in ways that bring tears to my eyes. At first, I had asked why we deserved such large, wonderful and selfless offerings, and immediately it hit me. There are in many ways that this is just the reflection of energy we have put out.

The help, information, wisdom, teachings that I/we offer to all those around us, though we don’t always feel heard, is. It is heard, in a much grander way.

It shows me how this life is really supposed to work. How exchange is truly meant to happen between us and other beings. It really is through love. Through sharing what we love, with love, to others whom we love and offer love.

Its an energy exchange. An exchange of gifts. It is a deeper exchange, one of love, shared however that other being chooses to share their love. Sometimes this comes in the form of physical things like items or even money, other times in knowledge & wisdom passed along. .. and like from the little kitty, its in play, in the nibbles and grabs, that may not always come off as love… that’s precisely what it is. This is how this little kitty shows love.

So, sometimes we have to step back and see how the love is coming through and being shared, because we all share love in our own ways.

If youre ever feeling like what you have to offer is being pushed to the wayside by others, as long as it is for the greatest good, keep doing what you’re doing. In other ways you will see the gratitude come through.

As I went to start typing this yesterday, my aunt commented on another post about the resemblance I carry to my grandmother who passed when I was 7. Much of the initial inspiration of this post comes from a woman who reminds me so much of that grandma, and how she chose to give and share her love. The timing was impeccable, as perfect as it always it.

Just a reminder to always be 100% you.

You’re worth it, and even when the gratitude and love may not be right in your face, its always there.

Your spark, your light is needed in this world. Thank you for shining with all your might.

Don’t dim to fit in.

I like to think of the stars as reflections of us, some really bright, some less, all exactly as their meant to be. In the beautiful picture that makes up the sky that spins around us, and has for eons.

We are part of a great story.

Your individual gifts are those that come easy and naturally to you. Often times ones that are overlooked.

View yourself with a birds eye, what are the things that make you, you?

What do other people see in you that makes you great?

What do you see in you that makes you great?

How can you focus and hone in on those gifts?

I want to see you shine!

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Sep 07, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Oh Samantha ❤️, YOU are definitely one of the brightest lights I know. Keep sharing and just being yourself, and all the love & positive energy will come to you as it should!

Love you with all my heart 😘

Samantha Stroud
Samantha Stroud
Sep 08, 2023
Replying to

Always working at it, and blessed to be on the path I am! It sure feels good!

Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙏

Love love love!

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