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Tuesday, October 31,2023

Happy Halloween 👻🎃

Big moves being made, one car fully packed and ready to go! Travis will take that one north, fly back and together we will close this chapter and set forth to the next 💜

Amazing that we can load 2 cars full and have all of our things. Looking at everything was a bit intimidating, in such short time.. though with ease, we have more than half of our stuff packed. It feels good. We know we are divinely guided.

Sunday we did a lot of packing and then spent the evening with our dear friends, Katie and Peter, that we will miss greatly!

Monday, we shared time and space with Meagan and Papaya, and got some amazing run around time with that sweet little girl! More people we will miss greatly🤗!

Today, we finished packing Travis' car and he ran around to some friends here in Naples. I figured I'd hang tight, I have a few days to see friends while he makes the first trip.

Such a blessing that we have been able to make such dear friends here, ones that we consider family. I have this vision, once we work to buy a large piece of land, of having these friends as a part of it, along with much of our family(the ones who choose to join us).

I picture this land working like a community, though each family will have their own hectare(2.5 acres), a kins domain. That way each family can still have their own space, we just have many people we know, love, and trust surrounding us all. I Invision it shaped as a spiral, where the central most part is a gathering space, and the plots of land move out from there, with the elders held in the center most plots.

This way though, it isn't like everyone is expected to do certain things to make the community run like a commune. Each person's land is up to them. Everyone though will have their way in which they share, because this comes naturally.

I find it important though for the individual families to have a sacred space of their own.

Where may this land be? Not sure.. some where a long the Appalachian mountains is where I feel. Land with natural springs for drinking water, and a river or stream for swimming, and other activities. Space for gardening, and animals, as well as some forest too.

If you're reading this, I thank you, because as you Invision it, you help to create this dream 🙏.

In these past few days I have also had some amazing visions while meditating that I feel baby is bringing through to me. Visions of our birth experience and the time after birth. One of the visions had me crying great joy, full of laughter, awe and amazement.

My vision, warning this is detailed- After a joyous labor, moving with the contractions like waves in the ocean, baby is born onto the earth with a deep breath push while in a deep squat, being supported by Travis. I lean forward to nuzzle baby, kiss, smell, touch and love on baby. After some moments there, I lay back and place baby on my lower abdomen (here is where the cries really came), baby slowly and surely follows the scent from my breasts to make babys way up my body, to my chest. Once in the center, baby does quite the head movement and latches onto my left breast. I rub my head against Travis' while he peeks over my shoulder, amazed by the feat we just experienced. In moments after baby latches, the waves come again and the placenta comes through. For safe measure, I grab the cord and suck on it, then do the same to the placenta. This taps into even more oxytocin that will stop any bleeding in a healthy, natural way. Baby, Travis, and I lay there for a bit relaxing with one another, in joying these golden moments in such an important time in baby's life, and ours. My mother and other welcomed helpers join us with some nourishing snacks and hydration in the tipi.

This is the birth of our dreams. This is what I know we are capable of. It is all in the trust of us and all around. Trust us in this process, hold us in this spirit with love and knowing that this is what we are capable of 🙏.

Thank you for reading, thank you for sharing in my visions. Thank you for being loving and support

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