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Saturday, November 4, 2023

A friend sent me a Meme the other day about it being NO-Vember. it hit me, this is a great time to stop and realize the power of our no, and the weight and value it offers our yes then when that is really what we choose.

too often we offer our yes to others when we don't mean it.

this is often the root of stress.

Personally, i have been feeling this pain in my neck, thinking about moving home and stressing all of the no's i am going to have to say.

I have been conditioned to think that when i say no, it'll offend someone, or that then i don't want to be confrontational.

No doesn't have to be confrontational.

It actually serves you, and the other people involved better than saying a false yes. When it comes to saying no, i also then think about all the explaining i will have to do.

I don't though. I don't have to explain anything to anyone. I know i am doing what is Best for me, My family, and also everyone around.

This may sound selfish, I feel it is the opposite though.

We must put our peace and contentment first to even be able to offer it to others, in anyway.

if we are drained, we give from an empty cup and that doesn't truly serve or help anyone around.

this doesnt mean just lay around all the time.

this means actually put the work in to fill your cup.

laying around can be draining in some circumstances.

instead of just sitting or lying around, focus on your breathing while doing it. this fills your cup/bucket.

we can then truly offer ourselves and our gifts to others as we choose.

a big thing is then the ability to have your actions come from the open, loving heart.

in saying no, you start to take back pieces of you that you may have given away and now hold resentment due to.

when you take back those pieces, it may shake things up a bit, try not to let that shake you.

know that however someone else feels due to your actions, has more to say about what they need to turn their focused attention toward.

Take back the power of your yes.

you and those that love you will see and feel, the wonderful effects of it.

Happy NO-vember!

With love,


Photo Credit Veta H.

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Nov 06, 2023

Photo credit Veta H….. as in Veta Herman??

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