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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Food, Family, The River, The Comeback

So Grateful for the farm stores here. in Brunswick, 10 minutes in a few directions gets us to locally farmed, organic & Grass Fed produce, dairy, meat, and goodies. it feels so good to support these small local families, and to feed our bodies with this goodness!

one farm shop runs off the honor system and is open 24/7, the other is open all days during the week (except Sunday) and has great prices on the highest quality items. Both places are run by amazing people!

these markets are something i do miss having right around the corner in FL... as well as the live springs. there is nothing better than being able to collect your own fresh, clean, pure water. Oooh and All the variety of plants and herbs that grow wild all over the place! it's high time to harvest!!

It has been so great spending time with family, and I have a weekend of being with them ahead of me. Timing has been so perfect, as it always is. Over the weekend, Travis and I went for a double Date with Zack and Janay. It was a great time. I really appreciated being able to make that time. We also made it in time to pop in on everyone at my mom's work picnic, Do breakfast for his Gma's B-day, to take part in Chey's 30th B-day party, and have had a few days with sweet River. And we still have more time to go! We have spent good time with Travis' Mom, seen his sister, and he had time to pop by and see his dad and siblings from his dad's side.

I look forward to seeing my dad and his sweet family this weekend, just after in-joying friday night with my mom, River, Zack, Janay, and hopefully Mikey, and Chey.

Time with Family is so important, while we are home, we hope to see all of the family we can!

We also have been making a point to in-joy the land and weather here. We have been taking pretty much daily walks, and today made it down to the Potomac River (just a walk down a few hills from Travis' Mom's). I, of course, went barefoot, and didn't stop myself from walking right into the river when we got there! I ended up taking a full dip, while the sun was shining nice and warm on my skin. the water was a little chilly, felt good thought! as I sat in the natural jacuzzi spot I found, the minnows came over to give me a pedicure (how nice of them), and they cleaned up any booboos I had on my feet and legs. What beauty in this place. so much life rushing around, I was instantly filled with love, life and gratitude.

As I rose this am, I had visions from dreams of starting the tie-dye business back up, just in a very different way. All of the friends we have made in FL will have their place in this business/ Event creation, as i know there is more to why we have all been brought together. As this progresses i will fill in more. Right now though, We will be back making Tie-Dyes, Getting into Markets, and doing it at a whole new level. Grateful for the guidance god has offered me, grateful to be open to hearing the messages as they come through.

Life is Great!

Baby is moving wayy more!

God is Good!


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