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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

While dog sitting last week, Travis and i decided to take an impromptu trip to MD. This trip had originally been planned for late Nov, Early Dec.

The more I thought about it... the more I thought that traveling sooner rather than later this year sounded better.

Baby is at a great size right now to be traveling, especially by car. If we were to wait, I would be uncomfortable being too close to my due date, and having a big belly may make things a bit more difficult.

MY bladder is already being pressed on by baby, I could only imagine how it may feel then.

Side Note: Feeling Great, loving the shifts of my body, the amazement at what god has created us women to be able to do. When around other mommas, family or strangers, i feel the deep connection that we have as women, as we go through this process of creation. I keep picturing all the mommas i see when they were pregnant, even if their kids are 5+. At some point, they felt the way that I do. It is an amazing Ancestral feeling!

Being In MD is nice, the cool air, feels good on my shifting body. I thought i would be affected by the cool more, since living in FL for a year and a half now. To my surprise, I adjusted better than the folks i see here. i continue to wear short sleeves/ light layers/ light dresses... things I would wear in FL... and of course no shoes.

Many things come up being back in MD, especially being in someone else's space. I am grateful to be here, i just realize how much i have shifted my habits.

I notice lots of tests that come through food.

the people around wanting to make sure i am fed, which i appreciate. i have just made such vast changes to the quality of things i put in my body and choose not to go back.

it's interesting how many times I have to say no thank you, for the same things.

Things i Avoid (and why i make many things from scratch):

  • Most oils- Canola Oil, Sunflower oil, Safflower oil, vegetable oil, palm oil, most olive & avocado oils. if it doesn't become solid when put in the fridge, i choose not to eat it

  • ingredients i can't read, or don't know their origin.

  • refined sugars, or artificial sweeteners (these are actually more addictive than cocaine)

  • refined flours

  • really anything white

  • Water from anywhere other than pure source (springs)

  • conventional, highly processed products

  • Genetically Modified products

  • things without seeds that should have seeds

  • the dirty dozen EWG's 2023 Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce | Full List

  • pasteurized Dairy

  • store bought meat & eggs (find a local farm store)

I do my best to get things as close to source as i can. From farm, from springs, from trusted sources that I can ask them their practices. It is important to know exactly what is fueling your body.

not only is it fueling your body, it is also making up every bit of you.

when food enters your body, and you process it, it turns into YOU.

This is of upmost importance. Especially when creating another life within you.

not only is it what is best for you, it is what is best for the growing baby.

they're not here yet, it is up to you to provide the foundations for their body and ultimately how they will grow into being.

on another note, we are here in a physical Realm. Gifted these physical bodies. we experience life through this body. if we didn't have a body, we would be purely spirit and not able to interact with this physical realm like we do.

so really, one of the most important things in this life is to properly care for the gift of the body that God gave us.

to make sure it is fully functioning.

love your self, take care of yourself.

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