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Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Protecting yourself Energetically.

I am finding this so important to share with as many individuals as I can reach.

As we open ourselves to connecting with great spirit, no matter our intention, even when in prayer, there is great importance in setting a level of protection for ourselves.

In the spirit realm there is a battle between good and evil constantly going on.

Start each day by protecting yourself.

Envision a protective barrier of love around you, it can be as simple as a bubble, a forcefield, a cloak, footie pajamas (my personal go to), whatever serves you. Make sure this barrier goes underneath your feet, around your hands, over your head and around your hair.

You can either envision this as a second skin, as big a bubble as your hands go out around you, or anywhere in between. Set your barrier where you feel safe, this can change daily, and you can also come back to this throughout the day.

It then is beneficial to pray, " I call in the heavenly angels and guardians of the earth to offer me protection through my day."

The angels work through consent, so they can't interfere with your daily life if you don't ask them to.

"I am loved, I am safe, I am whole, I am centered, I am protected."

I love you!

Be Well!

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