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Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Happy Birthday to my brother, Mikey!

After a few days up and out early, and being busy through the day, baby said it was time to have a rest day. So I did just that.

While resting, I read some of the book Travis bought me, Captivating, so far so great. While I read this, he is reading the companion book, Wild at Heart, once we both finish we plan yo switch and read the other. The books are about the feminine, and masculine heart. There is lots of referencing to the bible, which is cool, and interesting because I have been being called to read the bible. I feel this is a nice introduction. These books are written by a husband and wife, and Travis and I both really resonate with what they have to say. He happened upon these books through a chef at his work. This chef told him it changed his life and his marriage for the better. Always looking to continue to grow in our relationship, we figured why not read them together.

In the past week, our sweet Suga boy has grown so much, and really started to climb! He has also started to be food protective, a habit we are working to break by having our hands around showing him we arent trying to take his food. Also, noticing this reflection, and how within each of us we felt the need to fight to make sure we got enough food from our families. Not that there wasn't enough food for everyone, almost being greedy though when it comes down to it. Little things that when you live alone, you don't notice as much of. Knowing the abundance, and that God always provides the perfect amount is where I strive to bring my mind. Some where deep inside me though there is a thought planted that I need to get every last drop. Maybe this doesn't even begin with me, or my parents, maybe it comes from their parents, or their parents parents.

We receive imprints from way back in our lineage.

Wild to think about isn't it? Thoughts and feelings our ancestors had, have affected us, because they affected everyone in between, and these patterns went unnoticed as something that is just a story we tell ourselves.

This plays out in so many ways, and in so many stories. It just takes realizing these root thoughts, and then consciously shifting them in our day to day.

This is what I feel "genes" are.

This is how I feel "genetic disorders/diseases" are continued. I feel that we can stop them by consciously changing our thoughts and actions. I don't know them to be something we can't heal. I know we can heal ourselves from anything that may hold us back. We just have to be willing to make changes.

To let go of the past truly. Thanking it for how it has served us and brought us here today. Realizing the shifts we can make.

We are not victims.

We are revolutionaries.

We have the choice to live the life we dream of.... Or not.

I feel our ancient ancestors had access to this knowledge. I also feel that maybe they became pompous and greedy due to it, and that's why we have had to regain this knowledge.

In the regaining we come back to a place of gratitude for wisdom and knowledge. We can have this in a way that better serves us and all of the people around us.

In a world like the one we live in today, you can either dwell on things being corrupt, or you can see oppurtunity for growth and change. Without the corruption, we may not have eyes looking toward the growth and change.

Everything has its purpose.

Gratitude can be found in each moment.

Focus on that, and you'll receive more to be grateful for.

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