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Friday, October 27, 2023

This week has been somewhat out of sorts.

On Monday, Travis accidently stepped on our sweet little kitty boy, we weren't sure if his leg was dislocated or broken, either way little boy was in some serious pain.

We took him that night to an ER Vet, recommended by our good friend Katie, from her mom who is a local vet.

They took an Xray and showed us that the leg was broken, way up by the joint. they were unable to do anything because of the place that was broken, So Dr. Portu (Katie's Mom) told us of the surgeons she thought could save the leg. She had said she would most likely have to amputate.

We called them while at the ER Vet and they had us send over the images. told us they would get back to us ASAP about when they may be able to get our boy in. We took our boy home and gave him all the love!

Call around 5 am, They could schedule surgery for Wednesday @ 11 am. We said book it.

I laid with him most of the day, humming and using different voice techniques to calm him and help him heal. It was amazing to see how the pain subsided so quickly. it also offered us a deeper connection and trust.

Later in the day, they called us back and told us the surgeon had checked things out, it was looking like amputation was our only option. The cost was 3x what Dr. Portu had estimated.

So, we cancelled and scheduled for Wednesday at Dr. Portu's office. Where we knew kitty would be super loved, and really well cared for. Also, Dr. Portu had already been such a help, we wanted to support her there.

Suga Boy went in First thing on Wednesday. when we got there, Dr. Portu told us she thought she may be able to save the leg, she just wouldn't know until actually in surgery.

She took care of our boy over her lunch break.

We got a call around 1:30, he was up, and still had 4 legs! She was able to remove the original joint that had broken off and create a false joint on the end of the remaining part of the leg. it is a little shorter, he just has some swag in his step, now known as Suga Daddy, or Suga Bop.

We really are so grateful for all the love that has been shown to our boy. From the Vet staff, our family, our friends, we truly have an amazing support system.

We Picked up our Sugie Bop Thursday when they opened, and he has been resting and recovering so well since we have been home!

Last night, he even came over to give me some of his super snuggles... even with his dreaded cone.

We are so grateful to have him back, quickly working his way back to his sweet/wild kitten ways.

Travis is feeling much better now that he can watch our boy recover with all 4 legs. His awareness is also much keener, to where this little guy may be.

probably not a bad thing with baby on the way.

if for nothing else, the full realization of our support system came through with this accident.

also, I came to see how I needed the slow down as well. to reconnect with subtle energy on a deeper level. To instill the practices, I have been working to develop. While offering the vocal biofield tuning, not only could i feel kitty healing, I felt it within me, and with baby.

This vibrational work is something really important. It is also something anyone who can hum, can do.

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