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Thursday, September 28,2023

If you read my posts, you can probably tell I think a lot about health.

In many cases, my brain, my heart moves outside the box.

I am thankful to be connected to the greatest spirit around us that guides us.

With God, I feel so connected to love.

In all moments.

Being in MD, I'm feeling this love from the people, as well as everything around me, in a different way than in FL.

The beauty that I feel when my face feels the gentle chill in the air when I rise, along with the smell of mountain air.

There is just nothing like it.

It is home.

It warms me from the inside.

We have been so blessed with beautiful sunshine the past few days, after coming in to 2 days of rain, in these moments I know we are meant to be here.

My heart and soul are greatful to witness the shift into fall.

There are still flowers, and beautiful life scurrying around.

Travis and I have seen a few families of deer, rabbits, squirrels, and on one of our walks, while admiring a very old retaining wall, a ground hog popped out of one of the breaks in the wood and spent some sweet time with us.

Ooh and witnessing the love my niece has for my sweet kitty boy, how gentle and kind she is to him, filled my heart with love and grace.

Being open to this love all around is what really creates health and wellness.

As much as I focus on eating right, and moving well, what really makes the true difference is being fully connected to love.

Feeling in from everything around, even in situations that may be tougher to see it on the exterior.

That is what really fuels us as.

It is all about love.

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