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Thursday, June 29, 2023

Bittersweet day of heading home. I will miss being in person with all of my family in MD, while also excited to be back in FL to the life I have created here.

This week has been great, I spent the night Monday at my dads, and got some really good time with my sisters. I am really grateful I had the opportunity to stay there and get to know them deeper, and to make some memories with them, live in person. We watched some movies, did some puzzles, played games, went outside, found a 4 leaf clover 🍀, learned some about nature, and really in joyed our time together. They rode with my dad and I to take me back to my mom's.

I thought about staying again, and decided I better go. I had made plans with my friend Kat to see her, and meet her little one, Ava, and also hadn't really had relaxing time to spend with my mom. So, this night was my chance. Our dear friend, Patti, also came by with her sweet pup, I was glad to get to see them again. We also didn't get River back until Wednesday night, when she is around I make sure to be present with her.

My mom worked from home Wednesday, which means she was able to chat some throughout the day, and we did breakfast/lunch together, and planned to get crabcakes and oysters for dinner. Travis' mom, Kathy, planned to meet us there too!! I straightened River's class room and bedroom as a surprise for her, and we soon headed out to pick her up.

After getting River we went to a restaurant Ragin Reef, in downtown Frederick. It was delicious! When we walked in, our friends and neighbors, the Ricker's were there, so we knew it had to be a good spot. It was also nice to get to see them again before leaving! I was craving a MD Crabcake, from MD and this one passed the test. There was little to no filler, all lump meat, and the oysters were fresh and delicious. It was really nice to see Kathy and her bf, John, before I headed back home!

When we got home, River was so excited about her room. Zack has been building an amazing clubhouse room and it had been a construction zone. I made it so it was all usable space, her stuffies did end up taking up most of her bed though. She likes to cuddle with my momma anyways, so the stuffies are okay there for now. We played in her room, and read books before bed, Max and Ruby books.

I have noticed how I definitely help to clear space, to straighten things out to open for new oppurtunities, for myself and others. I see how in this space, I easily was able to clear what may have been more difficult for those who are living in it. Being almost an outside perspective it was simple for me. My mom had even mentioned that as I had straightened the living room she felt a clearing in her emotional mental state. My brother also mentioned something similar with River's room, that he now could see exactly what needed to be done with the new found clarity. Something that came to me with such ease was weighing heavier on their minds. I was there to help do some straightening and clearing, I am grateful to offer this space holding and clearing for my loved ones and all around me.

Our sweet family friend, Maddy, offered to take me to the airport and we had lovely chats on the way. We stopped to gather some Mullein, I had been wanting this whole visit to collect some, and in perfect time I was able to teach and share some with Maddy. It was really nice to be able to have this extra focused time with her.

At the airport I opted to get a pat down so that I didn't have to get the radiation from the x-ray machine, for my health and Baby's. I was in need of a snack, so I got an RX bar, few ingredients, all I can read. There was a cheese and fruit box that called to me, when looking at the ingredients though, the cheese had all kinds of unnecessary added things like dyes and "natural flavor". I decided not to get that, and figured Travis and I could eat once he picked me up.

My flight was nice and easy, flew by chatting with the guy sitting next to me. He thanked me for offering somewhat of a therapy session, and some good guidance. I also chatted a little with the sweet little girl in front of us and she showed me her cute puppy, yoga, and her dolly, and her bag of clothes for her dolly. She reminded me of River in many ways.

Safe landing and I rushed to the doors to be picked up by my beloved! My goodness it felt so good to be back in Travis' warm embrace! We stopped and got some steak, shrimp, tuna, a burger and a sweet potato, and made our way home. Sweet Tico was so happy, I picked him up and he purred so loud! It sure feels good to get back home! This place is special, and I am so grateful to call this my home. I will miss my family, and I will be sure to keep in touch. There is just something about Florida, and being close to my Granny, my Aunt, Uncle and all the friends I have made here. I Love this place. I Love being home to my family I am creating. Especially after being able to share so much love with my now extended family. My heart is full and warm. I am inspired and ready to tackle new adventures, dive deeper into study, into all I love. To pour from an even fuller glass.

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Mike Herman
Mike Herman
Jun 30, 2023

Amen!!! Was a blessing to see my daughter again after probably a year. Always sad to see you go. Miss my little girl! See you in a couple of months...God bless you!

Samantha Stroud
Samantha Stroud
Jun 30, 2023
Replying to

I was home at Christmas, but it was wayyy too fast!! Looking to make more of a quarterly visit!! I love you!!

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