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Thursday, June 15, 2023

Today was a good day.

My somewhat sick to my stomach feeling has gonna away! My hunger is back, and some weird foods are calling to me .. like when I fed Tico sardines I actually thought they smelled good hahahaha. My plan is to injoy some oysters tomorrow, and other seafood.

Fun Fact: Did you know that smaller seafood contains less mercury? Did you know that fish contain something within them that bonds to the mercury and helps you to pass it?

Did you know that when you get iron and zinc from animal products there are other factors that help you to absorb more iron and zinc? Did you know that when you get iron and zinc from plant products there are factors within the plant products that block the absorption of iron and zinc?

I got some sweet baby time and taught Dominique how to harvest some plants from the garden. So cute how he loves to snuggle face forward on his momma, and when anyone else holds him he wants to face away. Keeping an eye on his momma🤱🤗.

Brought babe his Gi, he got to take his break while I was there which was nice. We had a conversation about pregnancy tests. I feel they are a seeking of external validation, that creates a seeking for external validation for the rest of the child's life. I feel that in trusting my body that I am know the signs, there is truly no need. It has only been in the last century that any birth has really been medicalized, otherwise women knew because they missed their periods, and started feeling shifts in their bodies. There are many ways to know by trusting our bodies know best.

Helped Brittany get passed some stomach pains. Nice and quickly.

I got to chat with some of Travis' friends from the gym. Nice to get to know them a little more, see them for who they are, always nice to meet people with depth too.

Then headed to the island, checking on things, watering plants. AC still out at the house, dehumidifier is WORKING! The condo is all good, and I learned how to clear a back up in the drainage system!! Bonus!

Listened to the most recent The Way Forward Podcast with Eyla, always a good listen. Can not ingrain these practices enough!

Went down to the beach for a bit after some nosh and a sweet treat of gelato yummmm!

Then on the way home started listening to an alfacast podcast episode with Dan Winter, so much of it connected to conversations from earlier today with Travis, Charlie, Levi, and Hantzl. I see the direction of what I am to be learning. I will continue to do my research 💚.

Home to my kitty boy and babe, Tico had a long day by himself, so I laid by him and his food while he ate, because he gets distracted wanting love otherwise, when he needs to eat. We all like some present love and attention from others. It is most important to give to ourselves first, after that it is appreciated from our loved ones 🙏

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