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Saturday, December 30, 2023

As the year comes to a close, I feel lots of shifts happening. Baby is closer and closer to being on the outside, which is beyond words explaining how I feel. though, I'll try to explain things i have been feeling. A deep sense of peace, almost as if now really stepping through the portal with this child. I keep having thoughts of an extremely uneventful birth, and baby coming at any moment. often times when in the shower, I feel that I could squat, and baby would be here. maybe this is baby calling to me, saying how close baby really is. that baby is as ready as Travis and I are, and excited to meet us in the physical. I am also noticing a deep focus rising within me. A focus back to things that I had studied and left to the wayside because of other focuses. things along the lines of reconnecting with the divine, on a deep level, conscious focus on the breath, in all moments, keeping me rooted in the present. Studies of great teachers, those that will guide an in depth homeschool program for our children. teachings that will help us all to connect to others, and this wonderful earth that we live on in a much healthier way, also, a deep dive back into herbs, plants, and crystals. They have been calling to me, and here, now, I feel the drive to get back to them. Life is flourishing on so many wonderful levels. Being at this point of my journey with child, I am realizing that as a doula, I am feeling connected to helping with the postpartum side of things. The help that I seek is what I will choose to offer to other women. Offering love, care, and help in the form of being a friend, nourishing foods, Herbal remedies, help around the house, and etc. making it so that the new mother can focus on healing, taking things slow while connecting with this beautiful being, and gently integrating to life anew.

While reading The First Forty Days I have been inspired. not only to participate in this time for myself, also to make it known why it is so important for all mothers. the strength within that is built when we don't try to rush back to the hustle and bustle of life. We live longer healthier lives that are more in joyable when we offer ourselves this blessed time. As I type this, I am waiting for nourishing bone broth and stew to cool to put away in the freezer for days postpartum. this will be what i will be doing until baby comes. to know i have a stockpile of easy to thaw nourishing food feels good. This life is amazing and shows its magic in so many ways. I am grateful to be open to the wonder god brings. Much love,


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