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Friday, December 8th, 2023

Back in Md, really in the swing of things.

My 30th Birthday yesterday was wonderfulx and i was grateful to share each and every moment with this little one in my belly. I really felt a sense of completion from the past year and huge change for the next.

Feeling strong deep connection within myself.

i started my day with a cup of tea, lemon ginger hibiscus blueberry, some raw cream and honey. YUM.

i took my tea back up to "the nursery" and sat down to do some meditation, energy work, and card readings.

I started with a centering round of chimes, did some breathwork, lit my candle, played a sweet tune on the kalimba and then brought out the tuning forks.

I worked all over my body, bringing my energy to center, and with each vibration i would set an intention for what i was feeling the sound was trying to convey.

once the sound rung out, i would take a sip of tea, now infused by sound and thought with my intention. fully taking this into my body.

i then turned to the cards, two oracle decks, "The Healing Waters" and "Work Your Light" both created by Rebecca Campbell.

I picked a card for me now, for guidance for the future, for the many years that had brought me to this moment, and for what i may be manifesting. A great pull.

Both the first and last card i pulled were the same. Metamorphisis. And oh, how i feel it.

As si finished up, i was sitting in silence, and heard feet moving around. I thought to myself, "you may enter" and in came Travis.

He gave me a beautiful Birthday note that brought sweet, warm, love filled feelings from within.. along with sweet snuggly hugs :).

He offered to make us breakfast, delicious scrambled eggs along with home made sourdough toast, YUM!

while Travis was preparing breakfast, sweet River rose and came in singing me Happy Birthday <3. She Joined us for breakfast and a lovely day that was perfectly unfolding.

The rest of the day was so pleasant, filled with lots of love and family time. we finished the evening with a wonderful dinner in frederick at The Orchard, a locally sourced and mostly organic restaurant. ANOTHER YUM!

Today has been a beautiful day as well! Warm(for Md in December) and Sunshiney!

I got out into the garden and did some seed starting to hopefully have a indoor garden start!

Suga had dumped water all over my seeds yesterday, which i felt was a sign to try some planting like i had been thinking about.. his BDay gift to me!

The Vision for the Shed to house conversion was coming through stronger and stronger being out there!

feeling a sense of nesting in a whole new way, this time coming to a true sense of nesting, as i was stomping down brush in the garden feeling deeply connected to my animal side, and how i picture an animal in the wild creating their nest in the brush and weeds.

Grateful to be in this space. Grateful for all the loved ones that surround me, near and far. I am so blessed to have the support that i do.

Much Love,


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