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Nourishing Apple Cobbler

The way I have chosen to make this is in such a way that everything in this dessert is in its most easily digestible form. I use all organic and/or grass fed ingredients of the highest quality as well.

Ingredients: 1 large serving, or 2 small

  • 1 Apple of choice

  • Coconut oil to coat pan

  • 2 tbsp Butter

  • Cinnamon to coat

  • Honey drizzle over top

  • Sourdough Discard or simple 1:1 water:flour to cover apples

  • 1/4 cup Sprouted Nut Butter(optional)

  • Sprinkle Cacao Nibs (optional)


  1. Preheat oven to 350°F with pan inside. I use a small cast iron skillet.

  2. Core apple and slice into thin slices. I use a food processor for this.

  3. Once preheated, remove pan and coat with coconut oil.

  4. Line the pan with the apple slices.

  5. Dollop butter over apples. Sprinkle all over with cinnamon. Drizzle with honey.

  6. Pour batter/discard over top of the ingredients to create a "crust".

  7. Top with cacao nibs and nut butter.

  8. Bake about 15-20 mins in the oven or until apples are fork tender and dough has cooked.

  9. Let cool a bit & In Joy!!! Add some ice cream if you so plea

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