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Friday, August 18, 2023

Life is so good.

Feeling so in the flow of life. I have fully come to the realization that routine schedules are not how I interact best with the world. I do best with schedules that shift from week to week. I work best with clients one on one, whenever flows best that week. My attempt at creating a schedule for teaching yoga, was definitely to get me into a daily routine of doing yoga. It's funny, as I realize this, and release all expectations, life flows so smoothly. I feel more joyful too. I am so grateful to be able to tap into what truly works best for me, instead running into a wall with a ceiling, I've realized that shifting my direction allows a clear path. God puts walls up for us, especially when we arent heading in the right direction. These walls are the times in life where we feel stuck, like we've been doing and getting no where. It's a sign to make a change. To shift in a new direction. ... Or maybe we were on a clear path, and shifted thinking there was a better way. The signs will always make themselves known. You just must be open and keen to the subtleties to see them.

After releasing the structure I was trying to create, I've started dancing, singing, speaking, expressing, trusting and loving more openly and freely. I feel no need to hold back. I feel closer to my loved ones, to myself.

If you feel you may not be fully in your flow, try to open your eyes to where things are consistently difficult. Maybe you are trying to force something that should be done differently, looked at in a new way, or shifted from entirely. There are hard things in like that happen for us, there are also hard things that we create unnecessarily. Make mental or physical note when these things come up. You'll be able to create more ease in your life. ... And if you want some help or guidance.. please reach out ❤️

I love you dearly


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