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      by knowing & feeling              Truth & Love
          we find safety                        within ourselves.

You Were Made For This.

I'm with you every step of the way.


Building the foundation for you, your partner, and your child to have the most optimal transition into life and parenthood together.

pre-natal & birth

 Establishing practices based on proper knowledge of physiological birth to ensure the birth experience of your choice. 


Nourishing and helping the new mother to have the easiest transition into life with baby.

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Thinking about bringing another life into this world?
Why not do it completely consciously?

There are steps to take to offer your child the most optimum life experience. It starts with consciously preparing you and your partner's bodies before your child is physically conceived. 
You may be experiencing issues with conception and these conscious steps can work to clear any blocks. 
Samantha is here to guide you on this journey.

4 - 90min Pre-conception Sessions
Access to my Library of Resources


Prenatal & Birth

Samantha is here to help you feel safe within your body by imparting wisdom and instilling trust in the natural physiological process of birth. She will share information and the best practices to guide you to the empowered birth of your dreams. As a woman, you are made for this. 

3 - 90min Prenatal Sessions
Access to Samantha through Telegram
On Call at 36 Weeks
Access to my Library of Resources

Attend Birth
1 Postpartum Session
6 Week Postpartum Telegram Container

+ Prenatal Yoga Sessions $35/session



The 4th Trimester period (0-9 months) often goes overlooked in the society we live in. This period is crucial for mother and baby bonding.

Samantha offers help to the new mother by preparing nourishing meals, tidying the house, doing dishes, doing the laundry, helping with other children, and running errands. By helping in these ways, she provides space for you (the new mother) to bond with your newborn and find ease in this transition. 

2 hr Visit - $300
Meals priced $15-20 per serving


30 Min Initial Consultation

1-on-1 Call with Samantha

I had the honor of being Samantha's first birth as a registered doula. I am beyond thankful and grateful we found each other when we did. Her kindness and knowledge made it so easy to trust her right away. Samantha helped me in the months leading up to my birth tremendously. Educating me, helping me prepare to be comfortable in my birth space, writing a birth plan, meal plans for my needs, and helping me gain confidence in what I knew I wanted during birth. 
When I was in the stage of labor that Samantha said she would come, she was there right away. She had many tricks and methods to make my contractions flow by, like riding the waves. She rode each wave with me for hours at my home until we were ready to head to the hospital. I didn't realize just how much I would need her until we were there. 
She truly was my rock, and helped me stand my ground when doctors wanted me to stray from my birth plan. Having her there to advocate for me was such a blessing. 
She is such a kind strong spirit, the exact energy you need when in your birthing space. 
Even in the coming weeks after the birth of my son, she continued to check in to see how we were doing and helped me through any difficulties and questions I had postpartum. 
It's honestly difficult to put into words to express how grateful I am for Samantha. She is truly one of the most amazing people I have ever met. The sweetest, purest soul.

Dominique I. , FL

About Samantha

Samantha is a holistic doula, birth keeper, childbirth educator, holistic health practitioner, yoga teacher, nature lover, alchemist, wife and mother. She knows God has made us each perfect, and we are on our paths of remembering. She in joys working in the birth space to be able to help bring life into this existence in the most conscious, pure and natural way. Hoping to help usher in a generation of children that have a deeper connection to life in its entirety. From pre-conception is where this journey truly begins and Samantha is here to be your guide, your doula, every step of the way. 

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