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This is a mentorship for those who are seeking the deep dive into the self. This is not easy work, though it is rewarding work. This takes wanting to make changes to better yourself. As you make the promise to yourself to make the changes, to be disciplined, to step into your highest self, you will start to notice how you are the creator of your life. In knowing that, you can achieve your greatest dreams.

There are many things that stand in your way of truly being the creator of your life, and most of them you are probably choosing daily to participate in. Samantha will guide you along the path back home to yoourself. Here, there is no fear, there is only love. The thing is YOU have to choose to put the work in. You will not have the life of your dreams by sitting back and letting life pass you by.

Through physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual practices you will obtain the knowledge necessary to feel whole and embodied once again. A feeling most of us haven't know since we were in utero.

We dive in to:







Sound Healing

Vocal Healing

Frequency Healing

Connection with Earth


and so much more.

Samantha looks forward to walking this path with you.

About Your Guide
Samantha provides a loving, safe space allowing you to open to your full potential. She chooses to share the medicines/practices that bring her to a state of peace, health, joy and wellbeing. She has been on her journey of embodiment for 10+ years and has a wide array of tools to help guide you to your highest potential.
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