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Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Summer solstice, the longest light of the year.

And what a wonderful day of light it was! Travis head off work, so we got to enjoy the day together! It was also really nice to spend the day with him before heading to Maryland for a week.

It will be a bittersweet experience. I'm very excited to see everyone, and in the same boat this will be my first time home since our dear friend and sister,Sachi, passed. This weekend, my mom will be having a memorial, a celebration of life, for Sachi. I'm very happy to be able to be there, to have some ceremony, to share and stories, to share tears, to share laughter with the people who loved her so much. It will be a great celebration, full of things that Sachi loved. My main contribution is vinyl work, the logos that I designed for Sachi's spicy noods. She loved to cook them so much, anytime anyone came over she offered to make them her special spicy noods, and she would do this sweet little dance too. What a beautiful spirit, I do feel her presence all the time. I feel she has really stepped in to make sure that everyone follows their own light. In many ways I see how she has added her spark to each and every individual she touched. Watching the forecast in Maryland, it has been sunny up until this week. It really just makes sense, she loved the rain so much, I remember dancing in the rain with her on many occasions. So a dance for her in the rain shall be so timely at her celebration. She was such a kind and thoughtful human, I am so grateful to have known her, and for her to have become a part of the family.

It just makes sense to offer this rememberence along with a day full of light. 🙏

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