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Wednesday, July 5, 2023

A day to cool.

Especially here in Florida, and in the summer in general, it is important to have cool down techniques. Ranging from breathwork and movement, eating cooling foods, to using the air conditioning. I know I tend toward the hot side, and notice how important it is to have a cool down practice.

This is in part why I think it is so important to be barefoot, especially while walking in the grass, while doing anything. When I do yoga, yang(heat building), I have removed anything from being between me and the ground. I have noticed that when I practice, this actually allows me to release this heat into the earth, and pull cool back into me. I notice that afterwards, I feel cool amongst the hot, humid Florida air (even when I have long pants on). Through my practice I am constantly focused on my breath. Breathing with each movement, and also using my exhale to send breath into the earth, using the inhale to pull up from the earth into my body. Constantly, consciously, cycling this innergy. This is something you can practice even without the yoga poses. The slow focused breath alone is a cooling breath.

When you're really hot, there is a breath technique you can use that makes me think of animals and how they cool. I use this when really overheated, or in a sauna. Breathe in and out, nice, slow and controlled, with your mouth slightly open and your tongue partially out. The cool air passes in over the moist tongue. Important to note, you do not want too much extra space, just enought for a calm breath to roll in. Sometimes I'll even "hotdog" my tongue to create a channel for the air to flow over. Pick a focus point, a drishti, something to stare at that is not moving, or close your eyes and try this. With your focus solely on this cooling technique, I promise you will feel the benefits. Again, I prefer to do this outside, though this can be used whenever you need.

Then there are foods you can eat that are more cooling than others. Think about things that may seem filled with water.. like watermelon, cucumber, berries, this is kinda obvious, cool foods rather than hot ones. Nature provides what we need, when we need it. These foods grow well in the summer, when it is hot, when we need them most. These foods also provide us a more pure form of water than we get from all sources, other than from a live spring itself. This magic water, is structured water, it's coherent and cohesive. It binds together as the molecules shall, and unites as a whole. When we take this kind of water in, our body knows exactly what to do with it. The water in our body is structured, the blood in our veins is structured. Most water is restructured, incoherent, incohesive. It runs through rigid pipes that throws off the structure and then most of it is bottled. Most of these bottles are plastic, when sunlight hits plastic it starts to degrade into whatever is inside the plastic... Then filling whatever you're drinking with plastics.. at this point it is a water like substance you are actually drinking. On top of that, water has a memory, truly. It remembers everything that it experiences, and then these memories are transferred into us when we drink the water. A step you can take here to better your water is to put loving, living, joyful, peaceful intention into the water. Pray over your water before you drink it. Send love into the water as it washes over you in the shower, the pool, the ocean. Speaking of sending love into the ocean, I've had multiple experiences being in the ocean and offering love to this great body of water, and everytime, even in waveless water, the ocean sends me a wave back, a wave of love to wash over me. I feel it is thanking me for offering the love, and being the truest, purest reflection of love right back. I promise you, everytime it is almost immediate. Often I'll be floating on my back, feeling pure bliss, trust, love and surrender to the vastness of what I am then connected to. I think," love, love, love," and the water sends those gentle waves right back to me. The power of my feeling is always reflected too. One day, there was actually waves here in the gulf, I connected so much to my childhood, playing in the waves in ocean city and the outer banks, I felt so much love and sent it to the water, a "huge"(for Marco) wave came through, and my friends even said something about it. We continued to play and I sne the love again, and again, they mentioned the size of the wave. Coincidence? I don't believe in them.

In a time so focused on the hustle and bustle, knowing how to cool and calm is so important. Take some time to slow down each day, tune in to yourself, to nature, to the beautiful creation in and around you.

This cooling brought to you because the ac at my granny's has finally been fixed, and while sitting in the hot house, I used the techniques I know to find this cool and calm, even in hot humidity.. that some may see as inescapable. There is no need to escape it, it is offering an opportunity to dive into the self. Granted, it is much nicer when you can choose it, instead of having it forced upon you. It offered me a chance to connect my full body to the earth, to the stone, to find the shade, to be grateful for these little things.

May you find peace and calm within yourself, yoursoulf. In turn being able to share that with othe

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