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Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Everything happens in perfect timing.

What a wonderful day! Up and at it as I always do, rising stretches and breathwork before getting out of bed. Even when I just want to get out of bed, I have been making sure I don't just jump up until I have my stretches, I really feel it helps me center before starting my day, and it gets everything moving right in my gut!!

I headed out to Food and Thought to try to meet one of Travis' friends/regulars and his daughter, who is pregnant and due in October. I headed out soon after he told me they were there, and I ended up missing them. All good, I figure if we keep missing one another, this meeting is not meant to happen yet. I had my laptop with me and other things to do, so it was all a okay.

Travis' coworker, Brittany, has a little boy, around 6, so I ask her about pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. She has lots of good insight and I really in joy chatting with her. Today we drove into the feminine/submissive and masculine/dominant relating. Since really stepping into these practices I have noticed a wonderful shift in my relationship with Travis, and also how I relate to anyone and everyone. It was nice to have this conversation with someone else who has done some study on it, other than my teachers.

While hanging out I met a man named Joe and had good conversation, he also opened many tabs with things to look into, left with some homework to do! Dr Tom Cowan, Weston A Price, Dr Emoto, Spring Water, and some cool trails in the area! He had some stories to share, and then went on his way. Next I met a woman that Travis has been telling me about, Ana, she is opening her own wellness studio July 1, Ana's Energy. Her and I quickly connected over many healing modalities, and plan to catch up in the near future. Looking to do some energy exchange, and also maybe offer her clients some more modalities! As I looked at her website, we both did our Yoga Teacher Training with the same woman!! What a beautiful connection! Right place, right time.

Then I met a sweet momma, Kaylee, and her handsome little man, Soleil. Travis has told me about them too, it was so nice to meet them. Kaylee and I talked some pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Always some of my favorite conversations, easy flow, lots of love, and then little man was ready for his mommas attention. So I said love and peace to them both, and got a high five and hug from Soleil. Loving momma, cool little dude.

Even though the initial meeting I had gone to F&T didn't pan out, I was there to meet the people I did, and I am very grateful for it. Thinking about making this the new office. Great people, always good conversations, feels like home, and they have wifi ( I only have my hotspot at home). Plus this is a place where it seems people who are open to deep chats and new information come to spend some time. Whether grocery shopping for organic food, eating delicious food at the cafe, drinking fresh pressed juices and smoothies, shopping for organic clothes, or spending time in the courtyard, this place is a high quality gathering spot. I highly recommend you check it out when in the Naples area.

When I got home, I got to my daily meditation. As I came out of it I went out to water the plants, feeling them calling for water. There was thunder and dark clouds, I figured I'd water anyways, and I am glad I did, the rain seemed to pass us by today. I was laughing and joking with the storm as I heard it, wandering if we would feel the rain or just the noise of it. I thought about stopping a few times while watering, and decided the plants would not be sad if they happened to get extra water. Plus I like to send love through the water as I hand water, and did some weeding as I went around too! As I finished I washed some tiedyes, and did some yoga amongst the trees. I parked myself under the big oak tree, and had such a wonderful flow. Feeling truly connected to everything inside and around me. As I finished my practice and lay in savasana(corpse pose,flat on my back) I internally om'd through the different chakras, seeing the colors brightly as I focused on each one. When I finished all 7 in body, I sent the vibrations from my root to my crown, and out and beyond, I saw the whole rainbow as I'd pass through and then beautiful colors beyond what our eyes perceive.

As I came out of this, I felt cool air around me, and wandered back toward the house. The bananas that have been growing for the past few months were finally turning yellow. So, I at two of the little bananas, great creators bounty, and continued to feed my soul. These bananas tasted unlike any banana I have had before. They were so delicious, and bananas have been one of those things my body has been rejecting.. not these ones.

Wandered inside and took a lovely cleansing shower, Travis made his way home and picked up some stuff so we could make tacos with the ground venison heart and organ meat we had. Oh my these tacos were so tender and delicious!! I ate just the meat and guac, and a couple chips, the cheese and salsa was not calling to me today. Another thing I haven't been able to eat is ground meat. I think the difference here was the venison, the organs, and the quality.

I told Travis I don't want to practice Muay Thai or jiu jitsu with him anymore, cause I don't want to fight him. I'd much rather get into dance lessons, and dance with him in a way that we can really step into our roles, in a loving manner. Although I always in joyed the martial arts with him, I see that I more in joyed the conscious/present attention, and that we can do this in more productive ways for the both of us to relate. He can have his time with the guys at the gym for the fight. For most of my life I have been in the male gym space, and that no longer serves me. I choose active movement in more feminine ways.

Feeling so filled with love, and empowered in my being. Life is flourishing beautifully all around. I am grateful my eyes are open to the wondrous beauty.

What is one thing you are grateful for today?

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