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Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Another day of screen time. Lots of things that have been calling. Yesterday I did a lot on the website and fixed things so I can now be booked online! Today, I had to do a lot on the cricut, fixing logos for people and getting them ready to be printed and cut.

The weather has been kinda ridiculously hot to be outside all day, like I usually would, so it has been the perfect time to get this inside work done. The past week or so has been pretty dry for a Florida summer, I am wondering how much of it has to do with this geo engineering going on.

Geo engineering? I recommend you look into it... Not on Google though. Try or even . The smoke and smog that lasted days over the north east, was much more than just that. I mean, when does the mainstream media tell us the true story? ... It seems all the moisture we would all be experiencing right now is being used to make "new clouds" ... Ever heard of "smart clouds"... I feel that they're here.

This is why it is ever more important to get in touch with you. Your heart and soul, with that, learning to connect with nature. Truly. Because nature wants to work with us, as our ally. We have to choose to be nature's ally too.

Even though the people with all the money can do as they please with their technology. Every technology they have made is really a mockery of what great creator has already made and designed within the natural world, within and around us. Speaking of clouds, Icloud... Is a mockery of how we store information and memory as humans. Wifi, internet... Try the inner-net that we all naturally have within us and connecting us. Know when you're thinking of someone and they call you... Yeah you're tapped in to the true workings of the inner net, the universe. The internet has nothing on us. We just have to know it. For now, it is a tool to get us back to what we naturally know. It will not be for long.

Know that with this you are never alone. This is why having personal boundaries is so important. Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, ancestral. We have the ability to set boundaries in all of these realms.

Their technology is a sad mockery even, and it still has worked to trick us away from our true being for long enough now. Let's tap in. There are practices to get here. Part of it comes with really cleaning, clearing, exercising, detoxifying and having awareness of what this physical vessel is capable of. Then it gets a clearer to move into the unseen realms of cleaning and clearing. Movement, breathwork, meditation, etc. This is all done within us, with our own will power to do so.

No one makes money on us truly knowing our capabilities. That's the hard truth of why we have been pulled away from our true being. Money. And it's been largely amplified over the past century.

We are capable of all our hearts can dream, heaven on earth is here. We have to know it and choose to live in it. It takes dedication and discipline to have true freedom. And there is no need to fear any of it. Allow it to offer awareness, and open the door to truth, freedom, joy, love, connection, community. This is how we move forward into the life we choose. We do it together. Moving in love. ... Not the overly kind "love" that then isn't loving yourself... In my opinion.. that isn't love at all. As they say you must love yourself before you can love anyone else. If I harm myself to "show love" to you, do you feel loved? When we don't do/say what we truly feel in any situation, it doesn't benefit anyone.

I love you all, wholly, as you are, where you are, because I love me, truly to the core of who I am, as I am, where I am. The only constant is change, choose growth aven in the hard times.

I choose to see this world as heaven on earth, how about you?

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