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Tuesday, July 4, 2023

A relaxing day, celebrating our country's independence, and also my own. I gave love to this land first and foremost. Giving back by planting flowers, weeding, and mulching. The mulch I used was old vines I had pulled down from our lanai area, what I like to call the bird house, and set in a garden bed to dry. I am now ready to plant watermelons(with seeds) in that garden bed, so the clearing was calling for that too, plus now the snapdragons look great, and will need much less watering!!. A great way to give back to this land I am grateful to call home. Soaked up some vitamin D while grounding barefoot on the earth, watered the plants, hooked up some new hoses, worked up a nice sweat, and had a wonderful chat with the neighbor Mike.

Then, Travis called me in for breakfast!!! He made THE BEST FRENCH TOAST he has ever made (and I've always thought his french toast was delicious), and some bacon! You know, for the majority of my life, I didn't like bacon. I thought it was gross what it was made out of, until recently, I realized that the things that are in bacon are the parts that are left out of the "prime" cuts, and these parts are actually very beneficial to our health. Now, not all bacon is created equal, like other foods, the ingredient list is always important to look at. If I can't read it or I don't know what it is, I don't eat it. Then I stack the quality on top of that, since I have done this, I have felt better than I ever had before, so I will stick to eating this way.

I went back outside and played in the gardens some more, did some transplants of the flowers, and have even more of a vision for these gardens. It's amazing what a little love can do! The watermelons are going to LOVE their space. I am also going to try my hand at a few okra plants and see what I can do with them! Both of these were on the list of things that grow best in florida summer. Make sense, the melons will turn this rain into beautiful structured edible sweet water! I'm hoping we will have enough to share with all of our loved ones!

Travis then decided we shall go get some lunch, he mentioned BBQ and my mind was made up. Our favorite place was closed today, so we tried somewhere new, it was delicious!! A family owned shop, started here in Naples! Then, we headed over to Food and Thought 2, the market here is so nice, they have such a great set up, it just needs the love that the other store has, because it hasn't drawn in quite the crowd as the original. The people are kind, the food is great, maybe an energy clearing and cleansing of sorts is needed. Something to boost and bring more attention there. Maybe some trees planted in the courtyard and to block the road. The warm feel of the originals courtyard is definitely welcomed by the large trees that are all throughout, that it seems to be off the main road, and that so many of the people who work there are so warm, welcoming, and have been there since the place opened. Anyways, we grabbed a perfectly ripe pineapple, which we planned to cut today, some blueberries, a variety of muskmelon(green inside,which I cut and saved the seeds from), some farm boy kombucha(made in FL, with a REAL SCOBY, live yeast culture [GTs Kombucha, and many others use a lab made, genetically modified SCOBY, which defeats the purpose of having the natural healthy living probiotic drink]), and some 85% cacao & raspberry chocolate. I'd say we left lunch with a sweet tooth.

We got home and I took a little nap, baby loves these 🤗, and Travis went to the neighbors pool. When I got up, I was going to head over, then there was thunder and I decided to stay and cuddle Tico, he gets very scared of storms, and I also felt like in joying some quiet time. Recently too, I have decided I don't choose to perform for or entertain others, since I have decided this I have started to notice it in areas of my life I hadn't expected to see a change. I gave my hula hoops to my friends as the first step, I in joy seeing them grow through the use of them, and play. I feel I used them to unlock a new level of my life, and no longer need them as a tool, because here I am. I have noticed that I used to over do a lot for others, thinking it was bringing me joy, now realizing I was just over pouring from my glass, and not filling it back up. I in joy win win situations, and when that isn't reciprocated I don't choose to give my energy away because I want to be liked. I like me more when my time is appreciated, by me and the other parties. I am very choosy with what I do, think, say, and who I choose to share these things with. There is a saying, "you are what you eat," this extends to everything you take into your body, your mental space, your spirit. You become what your senses take on, so being conscious of these things is very important. I have been on a journey of reclaiming all the things I do actually choose, and it gets easier with practice, I also notice it on much deeper levels now. It started with what was physically going into my body and on my body, then shifted to what I was listening to, then to the thoughts I have, and so on, deeper it has gone. Even if we think we don't agree with something, if we are still hearing it, we are taking this in. There are ways to choose differently, to choose what is truly best for you and to create that.

I hope this serves you, and finds you in health and wellness. As always, I send you much love and wish you peace💜

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