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Thursday, June 22, 2023

Safely in MD, another beautiful day in the life.

Rising today, I tidied the apartment for Travis and Tico, gave Tico a "sponge bath", made some stickers, and soon after Travis returned home from jiu jitsu and food and thought. He stopped to grab some breakfast there for us.

Lucky me, I got to spend all day with him again leading up to getting to the airport! He is such a great man, I am very grateful for all he does for us. He is going to be a wonderful father, too. 💖 On his "days off" he has been working quite the side hustle making stickers, he is a man who loves to work hard, get things done, and cares about the details in his work. I love seeing him do his thing!

In focusing on man woman relating, as I step more into the feminine, he has stepped into his role even more too.

While he was making stickers, I did some yoga, prenatal focus, moving through the main labor positions. While I was finishing up he jumped in the kitchen and made us some lunch! Yum!! Soon after it was time to head to the airport.

Got through security in 5 minutes and opted for a pat down, to avoid the large radiation machine. then, theflight was nice and easy. They took us around a bunch of storms and I witnessed a rainbow from the sky!!! So cool! I also saw a bunch of amazing clouds, the storm clouds looked like giants, blowing the rain down to the land. I saw like 5 clouds that had this similar theme to them. Then I got some good reading done!

My momma and River picked me up, so nice to be here live, in person with them. Especially River, it has been a while since I've really been live in person with her! Once we got home, she showed me all around, there was so much excitement from all directions. Lots of projects to tackle with Zack this week too! It is good to be here, tomorrow I will do my grocery shopping to have the things I like to eat, and hit the farms I miss so dearly when I am in FL. Though the energy here is very different from Florida, it is still home.

It is about staying in the practices I have built while just living with Travis, while I am here. I have done a lot to better my well-being and to continue to live in these practices I feel in a sense I am passing tests. So, here I lay, on my floor bed, slightly different from home, and a great bed away from my bed, though I will not go back to a mattress. I have found they don't serve me, so I will stay true to my practice. True to my knowing that I have switched to a floor bed for a reason. And I remember that last time I slept on mattress it gave me back pain. Even though it seems odd, I will do what serves me best.

I am excited for this stay, I look forward to spending this time with my family and friends here. I do miss Travis and Tico, and will be excited to see them and be home when the time comes too!

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