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Thursday, July 27, 2023

Surprises, sauna, garden fun!

Travis had told me I was getting a surprise for his birthday. Today, these awesome gifts came in. Brought a test to my eye that this is what he asked for. Such a sweet, thoughtful, loving man! The very first picture on the blanket is the very first picture we ever took together! The others have been all throughout it travels and journey together! We don't have any printed pictures of us, and had talked about printing then it for a while... His aunt suggested a blanket that can go everywhere with us, and even wrap around or sweet baby❤️. I love this man with all my heart! I know God brought us together with such a special connection🙏. I am grateful everyday, and now looking forward to seeing him as a wonderful daddy!

Today we went to the neighbors and in joyed the sauna, it always feels so amazing. I massaged my neck, did some spinal movement, and aumed a bit. I realized that whole I was moving and practicing the heat did not bother me. As soon as I stopped and sat totally still, I would feel overwhelmed by the heat. So I continued focusing on other healing modalities to be able to stay in a bit longer. I made it to about 33 minutes at 140°f! Travis had been pretty still and made it to about 25. After getting out, walking outside felt like there was a cool breeze.. in the 90 some degree weather. I kept this feeling all day, and was really able to accomplish a lot outside!

I took some sage to a friend, and sparked some big changes and shifts in her life. I hope she is able to fully see how everything happens for us, not to us. We must all learn to step out of victim mentality. We are not victims in this life, and the more we focus on that, the more we get of those situations. We also should step out of the bully, or savior position. Standing in these personas is not truly helpful to anyone, not you, not anyone else.

I got home, and Travis headed to his first training day at his new job. On his way he got a call from another place he has applied, to be a physical therapist assistant, much more along the lines of what he in joys studying and sharing! His interview is on Monday, I sure hope he gets this opportunity! I know he will do a lot with this, and will do great!

I went out to water the garden and noticed a cassava/yuca plant has toppled over... Meaning it was ready for harvest! I chopped the stems and put them back into the garden to grow again, and took the roots. I've never made this before, so I looked up some recipes and made baked yuca wedges! Yum! I did pretty well for a first attempt! I also did some weeding, clearing space for some airflow, got a few spots of nature's acupuncture (fire ant bites) and headed inside to feed Mr kitty boy.

I went over to sprouts grocery store to see one of my friends, Angie, she will be doing the doula training I did, and had just heard back from them! I am excited to start growing this doula community in Naples. It will be great to have a trusted and loved group of women to meet with and to have as support/backup Doulas for clients! I just had a vision of creating a safe space for women to labor outside of the hospital when they don't have a space of their own. Similar to "The Farm" (Ina May and her ladies in Tennessee) .. long term goals!!

Soon after I got home, Travis did too and he told me about his first day, also brought us some dinner home! Free food during training, woohoo!!

We spent some time looking at our new blanket and remembering the stories behind each picture, and as we got ready for bed, so did it sweet silly Tico... In his new favorite bed Travis'old backpack.. I think he wants to make sure he always goes with us..

Relax, and in joy each moment. Life is full of blessings, you must keep your senses clear!

Bless you,


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