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Sunday, June 11,2023

  • Another late rising, only got up when I did because Tico was licking my face, I could only withstand the sand paper for so long.

  • Then the usual rising routine. Extra butter in my tea, maybe 2 tablespoons, and raw milk. As well as olives and raw cheese.. cravings are real.

  • Raw dairy is the only way to consume dairy, otherwise all of the food nutrients, bacteria, and enzymes are killed off and you have a milk like substance that actually causes lactose intolerance because there are none of the enzymes to break the milk sugars down. Pasteurization sucks the life out of nutrient dense foods.

  • While watering the plants I was blessed with Dominique and Keanu's presence. Sweet boy has big bites on his head and it seemed they lined up perfectly along his gallbladder meridian. Not sure exactly how that pertains to baby.. something to make note of though!

  • Then a deep yoga session with Karli, she came sounding like she had a serious cold, and when we finished, it seemed almost completely gone. I started session with a weighted tuning fork to open and start to release her sinuses. Then through the yoga practice, different breathing techniques and strong postures, some good sweat, we worked back to center and well-being.

  • I introduced her to food and thought, a militantly organic grocery store, juice bar, and Cafe. Travis works in the juice bar, so it is always a treat to see him too. He had happened to order my favorite sandwich about ten minutes before I got there, so he had it warm for me when I got there! There was a woman, singing and playing guitar, playing all kinds of music. She had a beautiful voice too!

  • Over to Veta's to spend some time. She has a beautiful soul, and amazing gifts. I am grateful she chooses to open up and share with me. In turn I know I am safe to really open up to her, to depths that may shock other people. She helps me to fully realize that the universe only offers us what we can handle... Even if we may not think we can handle it. This life is truly a gift.

  • Travis and I shared dinner together, steak stir fry leftovers.. YUM. and then my momma called and I chatted with her for a while. Seems things there are very dry .. some kind of geo engineering going on with the clouds, and why they had"smoke" for days. Weather has been weird for MD, no humidity, 60s 70s, and dry .. which usually would not be the case right now. My theory is more yoga, more awareness of the self, more self study and practice, the ability to transcend the warfare going on comes from within. This warfare is nothing new, though we must choose to take control of our own lives. This is spiritual warfare we are up against, so to tap into ourselves fully, and share that love with others is our way to"win", to overcome these obstacles.

  • I got to spend time with few very special people today. My heart feels whole now at the end of the day. Life is so good, heaven is on earth. You must make the choice to create your heaven.

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