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Sunday, July 30,2023

Chiro, Bodywork, Tower, UFC, Sciatic Nerve, R&R, Toothpaste, Full Body Tuning Fork, Candlelight Meditation.

On Saturday, I had a CEU Call with my Doula Group, we were meeting with a Chiropractor for a q&a. It was so nice to hear from a chiropractor on different topics from what he does for pregnancy, and for babies as well. He went deep into how he helps the mothers, and really just the basic connection that he as a chiropractor sees between the body and the spirit, or the innate wisdom as he calls it. I have never been to a chiropractor, I have a friend who was studying to be one and she had told me some, but I never really knew where their mindset was. I think this guy, Dr Toro, is also even more along the lines of what are morals as a doula group are. We also then dove in to talk about how he sees babies pure, then the difference he sees in them after they are vaccinated. He said they're just different, there's no real other way to describe it, something changes within them. Things got a little emotional, and we all connected even deeper. This was a very cool chat and we all definitely were not ready to end the call. I hope that we get to speak with him again, also inspired me to go find a good chiropractor.

Then I met with McKenzie, we did a body work session, that ended up going for 3 hours. I did full body work, and she left feeling so blissful. The body work that I do I learned in yoga teacher training. We learned the anatomy of the body through Thai body work. I do really enjoy sharing this practice, and I really take my time and offer lots of love, healing, and energetic release through this practice. I always start by grounding the body, then I move through the body from the feet up, ending at the head. This is a practice I only ever see myself doing one session a day. Especially if I do full body. I would like to pick up more of these sessions though. For a while, I had some imposter syndrome around this where I thought that the training I had couldn't possibly be enough. When I see and witness the experience that my clients/friends have from this body work, I know that I do have a lot of training in this. And when I looked up trainings some were just teaching hour and a half sequences, and I have learned beyond that.

I did a card pull after she left, from one deck I pulled the tower. Then, I decided to do a card pull from another deck, this time I decided to do an 11 card draw. This sequence shows with what you're manifesting what's your possible outcome is, and again the final card, the possible outcome was the tower. The tower goes along with the law of purification. I feel this strongly, I have been cleansing and clearing many emotions and mental blocks that don't serve me. In clearing these I have created more energy to really step into more and more ways that I am here to serve others, and I feel truly in alignment with My Soul purpose. These card pulls are also something that I really enjoyed doing and would like to offer more of. At times it helps just to have a little bit of guidance to get you moving in the right direction, or to have affirmation that what you're doing is on the right track. This is not a fortune telling, this does not help you see your future.

We watched the UFC event prelims, mainly to watch Matt Semi, a man that I went to elementary, middle, and high school with. It is always fun to watch him, and it also is so interesting how much more invested I feel when he fights. The first round, he really look like he was going to take it, the second round I give to the other guy, and the third round he really looked like he was coming back for it. The other guy caught him with a good shot and the ref stopped the fight really fast. That's the way the fight game goes, you can never really know what's going to happen.

We had thought about going to Travis's gym to go watch the rest of the fights on the main card, but Travis didn't seem to interested. We like to go to sleep early, and he had work in the morning.. so we ended up staying in. I have been having some sciatic nerve pain, it comes on after I sleep in a squishy bed and go back to our thai mat on the floor. So I had Travis do some work deep into my glutes, and this really helped to release and relax the muscles around the sciatic nerve. I knew that the next day I would work on stretches, and look deeper into what the sciatic nerve is connected to. On Sunday, as I researched, I found that this nerve is connected to our self love, and the root chakra, so fear, anger, presence are things that could come up here. I took to the self love and presence side of this. I started thinking about how when I offer others body work I don't rush, and I really take my time. Knowing that each moment is precious. Often times when I sit to do my own stuff to find myself from rushing through the work, almost with a sense of not deserving the full-time and attention, that something else might come along that I need to do. So I decided to give myself this full attention and body love. I did some stretches, and when the thought of when can I come out of this came up, I sat deeper and told my body that I loved it. After some stretches, one specifically for releasing the glutes and the back of the leg, I used my weighted tuning fork to run over my whole body. Here again, I really took the time to accept the healing and love that I was offering myself by spending this time with myself. This felt So Good, and I really felt such a release and sense of peace and calmness in my body.

I wasn't quite ready for bed, and my attention was drawn to the candle on the altar. I lit the candle and sat with it on the floor. I then pulled out my crystal bowl, and began to play. This bowl has a crack in it, sometimes you can hear really loud, sometimes you don't hear it at all. This was one of those times that the crack was really talking. So instead of continuing to play, I put the candle inside the bowl. I had this feeling that the bowl was my body and the candle represented The light within me. I sat tall an envisioned this light as a reflection of my light. As I breathed the light would become brighter, and as I stayed more focused on my breath, the light stayed more centered. When I tried to focus outward on the light it wiggled and jiggled all over. I felt that this is because when we seek for the light outside of ourselves, we are unable to find that peace and stillness. When we know it's within us we can find that Bliss, peace, and stillness. This helps bring us into our true alignment. As the candle burned, I noticed that the wax around the edge was what I imagined that during labor the cervix looks like as the woman's body fully dilates. Another practice of patience, all in perfect timing our body opens up to be able to allow this new life to pass through. So I continue to sit with the candle and be patient, focusing now on the feeling that I had while I waited, realizing that I was enjoying each moment. That every moment I waited baby was closer to me meeting it. Once the wax was fully melted along the top layer, I worked with baby to have a beautiful vision of a simple easy labor, fully opening, fully dilating, releasing and trusting as our bodies / beings are meant to do. By working with baby through these meditations, I see an even deeper connection being created from even before this child is physically in this world.

Our teeth, are so important to us, they also have deep connections to many different organs in the body. If you look up a tooth meridian chart you will see that each tooth has a different connection. If you look up that meridian and it's spiritual connection, you will find the emotions that it governs over. I have decided to make our own toothpaste, I use coconut oil, baking soda, and peppermint oil. There are so many things put in toothpaste that are not good for your teeth. Fluoride being one of them, fluoride hardens your teeth. We do not want hard, fragile, breakable teeth, I don't care what your dentist says. They make money off every fluoride treatment they do, and they also make the money when you break your teeth. Fluoride also calcifies the pineal gland, which is where we connect to Spirit. The pineal gland is like our Central antenna to everything around us. If this is calcified it's like putting cement around an antenna, do you think this antenna will work?

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, my love is always with you,


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