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Sunday, July 23, 2023

Travis' 29th birthday was yesterday! We celebrated with a DELICIOUS brunch at True Food Kitchen, a breakfast bison sausage pizza (that I will now dream about), a green goddess smoothie, and a lemon ricotta muffin as a birthday treat! Travis' friend Atom was our server and taught him a bunch of tricks of the trade because Travis has his first day training at this restaurant on Monday, we are looking forward to his new oppurtunity here!

We then headed to Travis' friend Jordan's house to see the 5 day old kittens, two orange and 3 turtle shell. They were so cute! And their momma was such a sweet girl! We are thinking about adopting one once they are old enough, a buddy for our Tico boy, baby for him, baby for us ❤️.

Travis wanted to watch the UFC event, Jordan watched it with us too. We went for ice cream/smoothies, then came back to the house. Took a nice walk around the neighborhood and came back to cuddle, and watch the Rocky series. I had never seen it, so Travis figured it was time to watch it.

As we were laying in bed watching, my belly really started to have movement, on the outside it felt like tummy rumbles, to me on the inside it felt much different. Travis was even able to feel the movement, and everytime he put his hand on the movement was almost instant. Baby loves his daddy and was saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Today I have felt more of this movement! I love it so much! I have treated myself to some pampering and self love and care today. I even decided to take a nice bath, which baby seemed to like a lot too. We have no bath at home, so I figured it a great time to in joy this. Travis set some relaxing bath time music for me and I was able to chill for a while. I then did some stretching and slow movement, some Yin yoga, and read. Travis and I also did some labor partner position practice, supported standing and full squat. We have a wonderful book called Active Birth that goes though many of these positions. It is a great tool!

I have also been visualizing how I choose for my labor to go, it's very important to be able to see the whole process, especially baby coming through safe, my body fully opening and surrendering, and having all momma and baby healthy. I've talked through this with Travis too so he is aware of the visualization and can create them with me!

This week will be a great one! I hope this weekend was a special one for you as well!



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