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Sunday, July 16, 2023

Frequency and vibration.

Did you know, we are made of frequency and vibration? What brings us true health is when we choose to hold our vibration, or raise our vibration to a place of love, trust, and surrender to pure love and trust. Love and trust are states of being, not just ideas. When we live in love and trust, we live in bliss. When we live in bliss, we create more bliss, amongst ourselves, and others. The key, is to be able to hold yourself in this space, even around others who may not be here yet. In holding your vibration here for them, you offer a mirror that shows what we are capable of. This is a place where fear can not live. This is a place I like to call, heaven on earth. We create it.

This is what I feel Jesus, and many other spiritual leaders have tried to teach us over the ages. Not to follow them, and worship them, though to live life in this state of bliss, in moral, loving consciousness. From here we thrive. From here we are doing what our great creator, well, created us for. To live in peace, hand in hand, with our brothers and sisters.

To be able to see the darkness for what it is, and to choose to grow from it. I had always wondered what people meant when they said they had befriended their demons, until I started to do this. I see/feel this as knowing the darkness, our demons, the things and side of ourself we aren't proud of. And to thank them for being there, once we are aware of what these things are, we can be aware of what/how we choose to be. These darkness's can be guides, teachers on the path, to turn toward the light. We always have the choice, to let the darkness continue to bring us down, or to learn from it and lift and grow. The seed in the ground has to work through the dirt and dark ground to be able to sprout through into the air, the spirit, and grow toward the sun. We too start as a seed, and every thought is a seed as well. When we put love into seeds, they grow stronger. The plant reflects the love back to us, the same goes for every aspect of our being.

Love is a pure frequency. Truth is a pure frequency. When our focus is on these frequencies, we grow stronger. We grow wiser. We grow in ways we couldn't have even imagined. It also takes faith.

Some of my favorite tools I use to sift through the darkness are ones of sound an frequency. My voice being number one. Tuning forks, drums, crystal bowls and other instruments being next. Why do you think music is so powerful? The message affects you deeply. To be aware and conscious of the music you listen too will shift your being. I used to listen to music that spoke of things that I don't care to even speak of, and I always "just liked the beat". As I became more aware, I stopped all together listening to most of the music I had been. I only choose uplifting music. I have to like everything they're saying, as well as the feel of the music. This changes who we are, on a vibrational level. Then we also start to maybe even shift away from poor habits, from others who we may have been sharing space with and now realize that what they have to offer us isn't what we are seeking. They're not to blame, they can shift in their own time if they choose. That isn't up to us. What is up to us is our choices and decisions, and hopefully in holding our vibration in these higher frequencies, we can help others raise up too.

Today has been great. We visited Everglades City and Chokoloskee Island. We went all the way to the end and visited the old general store turned museum on the island. The energy in there was powerful. I grounded and protected myself, and took in what was to be taken in from all around me. There was a lot going on in this space. Much joy, and also much sorrow. I could feel it all. Some of the items I felt called to gently touch, these were ones that then I could in vision how they were used, the scene around, and the love shared. A few pelts hanging that I touched, brought me feelings that the animal was the used for all of its parts, and used in gratitude. These animals brought great spirits through to the hunters and those who then took the meat in, and used the bones for tools. I could feel how the animal had transferred to the humans in a brilliant way. I touched a couple shells, tools that were used for all kinds of things, some used as spoons, bowls, carving tools, hammers. The history in this place was full, better than any modern museum. I am so grateful we stopped here. To really witness real artifacts, without a glass box around them offered so much more knowledge to be passed. These things also carry vibration and frequency, from those who held and touched them before. What a cool place, a cool opportunity.

I also mention the protection, this is important to do daily. To protect our spirit, our soul, so that we know what is us, and what is from around us. This is a practice not only to be used around artifacts, something to be done daily. We often pick up energy from those around us, by in visioning a layer of love and protection around your whole body, under your feet, around your legs, your hips and butt, your torso, down your arms, around your hands, over you back and shoulders, surrounding your head, neck and hair, you offer a layer of protection that makes it so you are more aware of you. I recommend trying this, and creating this vision how works best for you. I pictures putting on a footie pajamas set with mittens , a hood, and zips ALL THE WAY UP. Some people picture putting on armor, some picture a bubble around them. However serves you, this is a practice to do even before you get out of bed. When I finish I usually get a little shiver shake, and figure this is whatever energy leaving me that isn't love. This then makes my everyday better.

I hope this serves you well 🙏

Love from me to you,


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