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Saturday, July 8, 2023

Friday- A day of R&R. Day 1 of trimester 2 🤗.

As I rose I knew it was a day for rest. I placed my hand on my belly and felt my uterus rounder than I had felt yet. I also felt this sense of drained energy from the rest of my body, and more action in my uterus. I knew exactly where the energy was going, and figured today, I will totally let it do its thing. I was able to rest, and so I did.

I have to send my gratitude to Travis. He has really stepped up to be the father he chooses. It's amazing to see the shift within him, and I somehow love him more each day. Baby is so lucky to have him as a father. I realize how lucky I am day in and day out to have him as my husband.


I got up and out with Travis around 7 this rising. It felt great to get up and out and be in town early. We went to pick up Travis' car from getting his head gasket replaced, and then to his work. We got to his work a little early and got to eat breakfast together! He then got to work, and so did I. I had brought my laptop to finalize my PowerPoint for Monday's presentation. I really in joyed putting it all together today, I have a little left, and will injoy finishing that tomorrow as I rise. I realize how I work and that I have also found a better flow than I had in school.

When I was in high school and college, I would wait til the last minute to do any paper, project, or presentation. I knew I would be able to get an A or B, and could get it all done in one night. Now, I realize I still wait til the last minute to finalize everything, the difference is that I have been working on it in my head, in journals, and even outlining the presentation in PowerPoint. So, now all I am doing is getting the points and pictures down, and creating a nice flow to the PowerPoint. I see now that this final moment stuff is how I work well, I know the information I am saying, I am just putting enhancers to my talk on these slides. I am really looking to sharing this information with this group of students. I really connect with sharing this information, and feel it is information everyone should know. I'd love to do more talks after this one. I will do more talks after this one. I know I am meant to share this information, because birth is such an important stage for mother and baby. I feel education is the way to wipe clear the fear that has been instilled around birth. There is no need to fear, this is an event of pure love, and one we are meant to do. Our bodies as women are made for this. It does take training and proper nutrition, and when you think of how women would have eaten ancestrally, this is the proper way to feed a growing baby. Real foods. Ones that are how you'd find them in nature. Lots of protein and fats, and definitely organ meats. Like creates like. The higher quality the foods, the better too. The cleaner, more loved the foods, the better. Movements are simple, and just need to be practiced like anything else.

Future generations will greatly benefit from us taking birth back into our own hands. Back into the safety of our homes. Knowing we are capable, knowing how to trust in the beauty that birth is, knowing that there is no need to fear. Birth is a beautiful things and the "pain" that is shown in movies and that most women are afraid of is actually caused by interventions in hospital. And then the fear is part of what causes the pain.

I see beautiful natural births in the future, uneventful, gracious, births. It takes wanting to learn, wanting to share the knowledge. I know my purpose is to live this experience and share it with the world. To shift awareness to truth one person at a time.

There is no need to fear. Time to start living in truth and love. Creating our own heaven here on earth.

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