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Saturday, July 15, 2023

Here's to releasing old energy that no longer serves me, to feeling the cool breeze, to easier showers and less fuss time. I've been contemplating this for a bit now, and when I rose today, my hair in a braid, I thought about how I wanted to be able to still put it back, how I wanted some longer pieces in the front, how I didn't want to go to a salon and have them put chemicals in my hair. So, I asked Travis if he would be my stylist.

I must say.. this turned out exactly as I envisioned ❤️. I know I'll just be getting warmer in my body through this pregnancy, and I definitely don't want to spend half an hour brushing through my hair. I am so happy with this style, I can pull it back still, and feel light and free! I have a new way I'll be cutting my hair from now on!

Feeling refreshed, now I'll go put it to the test in the heat!

I hope you have a wonderful, freeing, cleansing, clearing Saturday, or as I like to flip it, Happyday!

All love!


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