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Monday, June 26, 2023

Appreciate everyone for who they are and where they are.

On this journey, everyone is doing what they think is best, even if it isn't what you think, it is not your choice, or job to judge. We all make mistakes in life, and hopefully can look at these mistakes as lessons. Seeing others for who they are, takes being able to step beyond your own personal views. What is best for someone else, may not be what is best for you.

In coming home to MD, I see things that I may have been running from. Thoughts, feelings, reflections, things that are easier to witness from a distance. I had a realization as I rose yesterday that life is like a puzzle, a Nancy Drew Game(always had been my favorite), a mystery that leaves you clues all over. The key is being open and aware to all of the signs, the gems that are trying to show themselves to you.

Today I was talking with my dad about using frequency, sound, vibration from our voices to heal and tune in. I was then sharing plant medicine with him, the spirit of the plants and how you can call to them, as well as the medicine in the use of the plants around us, the "weeds". As we pulled up to his house, I opened the door and the handle cut me, the blood immediately started pouring out of my finger. I called to broad leaf plantain, walked into the front yard and found some. I chewed up a piece of the leaf (made a poultice), and put it on the cut. I left it there for 30 seconds to a minute and took it off. No blood, not the stuff I had seen, and no more coming out. I showed my dad, and step sisters, they were in awe. I then shared with them the plants in the yard to make use of. This was one of those gems. Though I wouldn't wish a cut upon myself or any others, this came through as a teaching lesson.

With Ila, my step sister, she has soreness in her body. I talk about healing from within, and this is a time to share with her. As I sit with what her sore spots may be, I realize I will share this with her tomorrow. I know she will witness the beauty of our own healing. We are such powerful creators and creatresses, I really in joy sharing this knowing with others willing to open their eyes to it. This is a gift, given to us by great creator, to know when we need to check ourselves, and how. This knowledge had been widely known, and shall be again. I am on a mission to help guide those who seek the guidance. To be able to see and hear the many calls from all around us. The younger we can learn this, the better.

I have had such a wonderful time with my dad and his family he has created. I love this family. I am grateful to spend this time with them, and so happy I have been able to spend two days with them. When visiting, I usually only get a few hours, this time has been very full, even with a bonus sleepover. I led my sisters through some yoga, and it was an amazing practice. They witnessed the power of the breath and how it is a medicine, a healing tool, a filling and a release.

Yesterday was a bit of a tough day, for many reasons, I am still grateful for all I went through and it experienced. For the help, awareness and perspective I could offer to my family and others. I am really realizing my place, and able to hold this space, even in the most difficult of situations. Even though it is often most difficult to do this with your family, I am holding my center, my balance, my peace through the chaos, offering a light for others. To be able to provide this for my family is of upmost value and importance to me. For I choose to hold this balance and center for my own family I create with my beloved, Travis.

Everything happens for a reason, all in perfect timing. No matter the situation.

Peace, Love, Trust, & Faith in all ways with you,


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