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Monday, July 3, 2023

Feeling Inspired and Motivated.

Super moon passed this rising at 6:27. Veta reminded me of the opening the Lion's Gate Portal, bringing fresh, new earth energy to us through the trees and water, down into the earth to cycle back again.

To do list calling. The wet grass under my feet as I walked to the laundry room felt rejuvenating, feeling a stronger connection with the Earth through the grass. Like electricity that is strengthened when wet. A charge within, and also a discharge into the earth. A feeling that can only be connected to when bare foot. Rubber soles, bounce the energy looking to be discharged, grounded, right back into your body. No wonder so many humans feel anxious energy, there is energy within them that no longer serves them, that is just stirring to be released. During this astrological event, there is a deeper discharge, and a greater recharge within. You may feel very connected to your soul purpose, or a push from what may not be connected to that.

After folding what was in the dryer, and rerunning what had sat in the washer, with some vinegar to remove the mildew stench, I headed to the trees with my water bottle in hand. Giving love to the plants as I passed them, and thanking the earth for supporting me. I found a nice spot amongst the palm trees, an old oak, the large bougainvillea and sat myself on the dew covered basket grass. I wore sweat pants, pulled up above my calf, seeking to build extra heat within. I watched and listened to the songs of the Cardinals, and red bellied wood peckers. Many bright red birds calling to me today. (Last year, I was leaving the Winn Dixie, I noticed a pileated woodpecker, pecking on the side of the building. One of the store clerks looked at me, and said cabeza rojo carpentero es dios, pointing to the bird and knocking. Telling me the red headed woodpecker was a sign of God.) I decided this was a good place to connect. I laid back in the grass, started to deep breathe, and began a yoga flow. I made sure to push myself beyond my known limits, and what seemed like a 30 minute flow, lasted 3 times that. I allowed nature to guide me, in my flow, when to drink some water, to have no fear of what may be crawling on me, or "biting" me, for I believe God's creatures mean us no harm. It is when we have fear that they cause pain and discomfort. Example A, mosquitos, I had many land on me during this practice, sure I felt the pinch, instead of slapping them, I thanked them for removing whatever needed to leave from my blood. I notice everytime I do this, I end up with no mark, no itchy, no nothing, other than gratitude for the beauty of life within and around us, the beautiful creation we live in. I finished the flow with the vibrations of each energy center, repeated 3 times, 3 aums, and a namaste(the light within me, bows to the light within you) to all life. When I opened my eyes, a cardinal was just a few feet Infront of me, sitting with no fear, checking out what I was, and what I was doing. I drank some water, blessed the land and headed back to my chores. I knew I would have much more clarity starting my day this way.

Switched the laundry into the dryer and headed back inside to check off the to do list. Food stuff next, plus I needed to eat, it was time to reboil the eggs I tried to hard boil, not thinking about the fact that organic/pasture raised eggs have harder shells and take almost double the time to hard boil than any other, check diagram attached.

I hard boiled them for about 15 minutes, and they were perfect! Then, I made myself a yummy breakfast of hardboiled egg and sauerkraut sushi. Oh my goodness, a new day starter, I'll probably add some avocado too, and fresh cucumber would be yumm. The kraut I made a few weeks back is now so perfect and such a beautiful color, I think the only thing I will not put in next time is garlic. Luckily I put whole cloves, so I have been able to pull them out. The lemon and ginger though, make such a refreshing flavor!!! We happened to have the nori, which I was munching on yesterday and started to look for what I could use this wrap for.. ta-da, my creation!

Cleaned the kitchen, and started planning for dinner. Super simple beef stew in the pressure cooker, we needed just a few ingredients, so Travis grabbed them from work! Stew beef, carrots, small golden potatoes, celery, beef bone broth, lemon, an onion, butter, salt, pepper, and some oregano and basil from the garden. Seared the beef, then threw everything in, set it for 22 minutes, cooked to perfection!!

I sat to plan my presentation, on pregnancy and birth, I will be giving next Monday at a local university. I had started with a PowerPoint and realized I do better writing it out in a notebook first, then I'll go back to the PowerPoint tomorrow and put pictures together. I know what I want to say, when I stare at a computer screen though, my mind blanks. I have to write it out first. Technology is just the 'enhancer' so I can show what things like internal fetal monitors look like... Look it up. They act like it's no big deal, personally I don't want a corkscrew drilled into my babies head, and I don't think you do either, especially when the information they're getting, 1 isn't actually necessary, and 2 can also be found with say.. a stethoscope, rather than an invasive procedure that is then followed by other things that they will then have to inject into your new born(vitamin k, not even a vitamin, a blood coagulant,only necessary when there is unnecessary blunt trauma to the child. Forceps, vacuum extraction, etc. Things they do that causes internal bleeding. Your child will make actual vitamin k after 8 days[Jewish religion waits this long for circumcision for this reason.. also a traumatic and unnecessary procedure.. think it's un cleanly? What about the lips in a woman's vagina, we seem to be fine, and that's a lot more going on than foreskin]. Hey maybe be careful with your new born.. just sayin).

Next on the list was some studying, German New Medicine pregnancy part 1 for the 3rd time, this time with in depth note taking. I realized how much GNM is calling to me yesterday, I was listening to a GNM podcast and the man who runs the website I am studying from emailed me, saying I had purchased the same course twice, and offered to open another course for me because of it. I planned to purchase the 2nd pregnancy course anyways, so he unlocked that for me. All too perfect. Then, notes from Real Food for Pregnancy by Lily Nichols.

Travis then got home and I made the stew. He soon left to go to jiu jitsu, and I finished cleaning the house and organizing. I found this lovely organizer in the shed, Travis said Jameson had left it there and said we could use it. It will be so perfect for baby stuff, right now, the bottom half is filled with massage/foam rolling tools. At least, until we get some baby things.. like cloth diapers which I really did research on today. I am looking at fully natural, organic ones. Since I don't wear any unnatural fibers, I choose to start baby's life at this point. Wool outer layers, with organic cotton and/or hemp inserts. Many good reviews, and also what was recommended by women in my doula group 🙏.

Travis arrived back home with some delicious goat milk ice cream and my favorite cereal, that I eat as dessert, he finished the box today, so he surprised me with more. Yesterday, I started to get a belly ache and knew I needed some kind of HQ carb in my belly, I've realized I need some to keep my gut right, as soon as I had a bowl of it last night, my belly ache went away.

He gave me an amazing massage last night, so I thought I would return the favor and then surprised him before bed! Rubs always put him to sleep, and I took note of how he massaged me, figuring these were techniques he in joyed when he went for a massage last week. I also mixed in some Vedic Thai body work that I have practiced. I do greatly in joy sharing love in this way. I just have to make sure I offer that same love to myself first through the day, and full own cup, before offering this to others.

What a great day, a great weekend, a great life. I choose to live in heaven each day, what about you?

All love to you, many hugs and best wishes❤️! And so it shall be!!

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