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Love Yoursoul'f

Wrtten On Marco Island, FL.


Take Deep Breaths. There is beauty even in the darkest of moments. Open your eyes to this beauty. This is where we find true deep compassionate love. When we love oursoulves in hard moments, we expand the capacity of love that we are capable of sharing with oursoulves and others, innerstanding on a new level. Allowing oursoulves to see oursoulves in our highest light, our highest form, one of Love, Gratitude, Joy, and Peace, all in abundance. We then can see all other souls in this light, including animals and plants. Here we realeyes the simplicity of life. The divinity within it all. This is a spiritual experience, we create all that goes on, we are in control of our choices while in our vehicles(bodies), what they do, say, and think, though our spirit is guided with a true plan. Through our vehicles, as we make choices, our spirit will send us signs if we are on the correct path. A happy healthy mind body soul feels that way in all manners. As we make choices out of alignment, the body will try to communicate in many ways, the key is learning to listen.

Thank you for taking your time to read, I

truly appreciate you <3

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