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Living in Love

Updated: May 16, 2022

Living in Love starts by loving yourself exactly where you are, for who you are. Loving yourself for all your quirks, all your so called imperfections that make you perfectly you.

Follow your passions, those things that truly bring you joy and light you up from within. The things that bring out your soul.

When you feel incapable of doing exactly what it is that lights you up, do what it is your doing with good intentions. How can you be a part of improving your own situation?

Lead with your heart, let it be the guide for your mind. Learn to decipher based on you, your heart choices, not those that have been instilled upon you. Deep within we have a powerful guide within our heart.

Tune in, take a few moments to take some breaths, in your nose, and out your nose. Bring focus to your heart, and feel your inhale fill your heart with warmth and love. As you exhale, allow the breath to take with it what no longer serves you, those things you no longer let block your love from flowing freely in and out.

Even just practicing breathing brings you into your body, consciously aware of exactly where you are, in time, and in space. Allow yourself to truly feel. Your spirit will immediately thank you. There is a calming presence here in this space.

If it is hard for you to direct your breath, or breathe "deep" sit in the space where you can feel your breath getting held up, send love, and release what doesn't serve you. With practice I promise you, you will be able to dive deeper into your body with your breath. Filling every crevice with love, soul and spirit, from the top of your head to your fingertips and toes, and beyond.

Be thankful as your body tries to speak to you, listening takes practice. Don't just take my word for it, it is well worth it, and you can do this healing on your own. Thank yourself for listening, thank yourself for being. Allow yourself to be joyful, and loving. These are practices that start from within and radiate about us.

Thank you for being. Thank you for living in Love.

Always in all ways love,


Have personal questions? Please reach out! Contact me through the website or

To truly have a healthy soulf/self , you must learn to heal thy soulf! ❤️

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