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Friday, June 30, 2023

Back in FL, storms galore all day.

When Travis and I have days together, it seems that rain, thunder, and lightning strike! I take it as the electricity that we build when we are together. A beautiful reflection of nature!

This rising, Travis surprised me with breakfast and some delicious goodies for the day. One being Filet Mignon, I had wanted it last night, and he saw it today and grabbed it! We had this for dinner! I used the technique I learned from my brother and made an absolutely perfectly cooked steak!

First thing, salt and pepper the steak. Then, butter the pan (cast iron or stainless steel preferred) on med/high heat, once hot put the steak on and sear both sides until you see the sear on the sides of the meat. Next, put the oven on broil, put some butter on top of the steak, cover with a oven safe lid, pan, or if necessary foil(last resort). Cook about 3-4minutes. Pull out, move to serving dish and let rest for about 8 minutes.

This is the only way I cook steak now, and Travis approves. He always puts me on steak duty!

We had a wonderful day together, massages, yummy meals, lots of love, and I vacuumed the apartment. He took such wonderful care of everything while I was gone, he even swept and kept everything clean, the only thing he didn't do was vacuum, and I noticed that some ants appeared in that time. I think the vacuuming actually makes a huge difference when it comes to the buggos.

We would always wonder why his mom vacuumed so often, and now we don't question it, I do it daily, granted we have a studio apt... So it's super easy and quick, the results make a huge difference anyways. Funny how we pick up things from our parents we never understood why they did. Law of attraction? Very possible. I injoy how the space feels when it is all vacuumed too. Like I was saying about being home and offering clarity in a clean space, I feel it very strongly from my own home, and the outdoor spaces too.

While settling in for the night, we watched Holes, one of our favorite movies. It had been a while, it is one that gives me chills and warms my heart. I think also now more than ever because when I did a family constellation meeting, it brought up deep betrayal within my family lineage. I am seeing where movies that I am being drawn to are playing out this family betrayal. There is betrayal I am aware of in my lineage that isn't super far back, and I am also feeling that there is a deep rooted betrayal that stems from very early on in my lineage. I think I'll make a separate post just on this topic for those interested. It's deep and may make some people uncomfortable. So, I'll keep it from the daily journal and give it its own space. In sitting with this, I have been able to release programmings that have held me back.

We are so deeply connected to everything that has gone on in our lives, from being in our mothers wombs, and even our grandmother, fore the egg we were created from in our mother, was created inside of our grandmother. This is how genetic disorders are passed, and also that many of us continue to live in very similar ways as our parents, and grandparents even. We may change certain things, our thoughts, actions, reactions, mannerisms, are so deeply programmed because this is what we have witnessed most of our lives. This is often times why when we don't like certain things our parents do it makes us uncomfortable (I also think this is because we don't like to see these things within us), and then as they say, you become your parents, and do those things. You must consciously choose to see and find the root of these things to release them. Like a computer that comes programmed a certain way, you must uninstall programs by choice, and reinstall ones of your choice, to shift the way your system works. I can not say this is easy work, it is worth it though. I promise you that. As I like to say, it takes breakdowns to make breakthroughs. It's a deep way to truly love yourself, and to put the pieces of your family puzzle, your life puzzle back together. I have witnessed shifts in my family since doing this work. It's amazing how it travels through the lineage. My yoga teacher once said,"men can change man, women can change generations." I whole heartedly feel and believe this. Men and women are different, women can change / shift generations because we are the ones who created life within us. Men can change/shift those whom are already here existing.

I hope this reaches you in health and wellness. Much love & many ble🙏

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