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Friday, June 16, 2023

I woke up to some rounds of Tico licking my face, to then him sleeping on it. So, I got out of bed to feed him, and almost got right back in, lots of rest was calling me today.

There were some things in the kitchen that needed to be done first and foremost. Travis got all the ingredients I needed to make sauerkraut, and I harvested some things from the gardens to ferment. Since veggies haven't really been sounding good to me unless fermented, I figured I'd step up and do some myself. Plus the smashing process is fun! I used some cabbage, purple cabbage, yellow carrots, purple carrots, ginger, lemon, cuban oregano, garlic, horseradish, wild leafy greens, salt, pepper. The color turned out so beautifully! I think it is so cool that the mashed cabbage creates it's own lacto fermenting liquid! Then, I cleaned out the fridge of anything that didn't need to be in there any longer, and marinated some thinly sliced steak with taco seasoning. Oh my goodness this was so delicious when we made it for dinner, and cooked up so quick!!!! Travis made some guac, we had some organic salsa(tomatoes have been calling me today), some raw jack cheese, and some siete chips. A recipe for Qualiteats, the cookbook we are working on!

After I prepped the food though, I was messaging with some friends. One of them, Katie, told me she was inspired and got her own oracle deck, so I asked her to pull a card for me. She said she shuffled twice, and both times got the meditation card. I knew the bed was calling me back to it! I finished what I was doing around the house, took a nice warm shower(our water heater just got fixed, had been cold showers for over a week), and started to focus on my breath and a two syllable mantra. No meaning to it, just sound. This took me so deep. I ended up coming out of it and feeling like my shoulders had been cut open and cold was flowing from them. A release of energy that needed to go, old stuck feelings that were very ready to be released. I rose feeling so energized, and as I came to, Travis walked in from work 🤗🥰. Perfect timing! Love and welcome home hugs and snuggles for him!

We then got to work on some stickers for his gym buddies. Logos for Evolution MMA, I caught him back up with the cricut workings and he picked it right back up. I then went outside to water all the plants. The heat has been serious, and no rain! I know if I am feeling it, the plants are feeling it. So I made sure to give them all a really good drink!

When I came back in I was kinda cold from the a/c so I threw on my favorite sweatshirt of Travis'. I sat on the ground to help with some sticker stuff and wanted to show Travis my new bed for Tico (picture attached). After a moment of the sweatshirt being over my knees, he couldn't help but jump on. Within ten seconds he was cuddled and purring loud as can be. Kitties are so sweet, this boy is 14 years young, I've had him since he was 5 weeks when his momma left him under a barn. He had been at my dad's for many years, and about 5 years ago I had my own space to bring him with me. He had always had health problems, and when I took him in fully, his health immediately started getting better. Something to be said for the present love of a mother. From then forward he has come everywhere with me. He traveled around with Travis and I in our van, I've taken him on trails, he is with us wherever we go. As long as he has his litter box in the car, he is good to go, and rides right on our laps! Now he is super spoiled, and really just because I have realized that if I feed and treat myself with quality and care, he deserves it too. He eats what we eat most of the time, gets home made bone broth, and high quality human grade food. He is healthier than he has ever been. Goes out, catches lizards, has a grand ole time wandering around the farm, and what I love dearly is he loves walks with Travis and I! I am grateful he found his way to me. I am grateful both of these men I share my home with found their way to me. I am a very lucky woman.

You know, these blog posts bring me back to 6th grade. I had an English teacher who, every now and then would do free write for warm up. It was always my favorite, I kinda despised writing otherwise. When I could write about my day or my sparkly pencils, it brought me so much joy. I always wanted to share these with the class. So here I am, thank you for hearing me. This creative outlet brings me lots of joy, being able to share my day, and the inner workings of my mind, the way I process things, this is such a gift to me. Thank you for your presence 💝

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Jun 17, 2023

Tico is such a cool cat and he’s lucky to have you guys to enjoy this life with ❤️

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