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Friday, July 29, 2023

Insight timer, Ancestral Healing, Tuning Forks, Sauna, GNM, Painting

Friday was a day full of self love and healing. I started with a deep dive into a yin practice, I rose with the awareness that I need to work extra on certain things to actually get my body back into alignment, to create balance. I have always done the same on both sides, and am now really coming to hear what my Dad had been saying as he would stretch people and get them into

balance. So, I did a much more tailored yin practice.

Yin yoga is a cooling yoga, it targets the connective tissues throughout the body and should be done either before other movement, or way after once your body has fully cooled. If you do yin with warm muscles, you end up stretching the muscles and not the connecive tissues, aka fascia. Through the fascia runs our nervous system, in Chinese medicine/eastern medicine known as the meridian system(our energy channels/pathways), by sitting with these you allow a better flow of energy through your body. Think about a hose with low pressure, when you hold a kink in the hose the pressure/flow becomes stronger, this is what happens in your energy system. In this practice, you sit in stretches for 3-5 minutes, after 30 seconds in a stretch you just begin to get into the fascia. As you hold these stretches, you get to the point where you feel the pull, breathe deep into the place where you feel the tension, as you release your breath, you'll feel the ability to go deeper in the stretch. It is amazing how much your body releases when your mind is focused on this healing. This practice leaves you with a beautiful sense and feeling of well-being.

There is a wonderful free app called the insight timer, it has guided meditations for all different purposes (of you download, it may try to get you to pay.. just hit skip when it tries to upgrade you to plus). I found the simple timer to be extremely beneficial in my yin practice yesterday. I was able to set it up so that I didn't have to keep resetting a timer between postures, and could get deep into the practice just being guided by gentle bells when certain time was up. In this app, I also highly recommend the Yoga Nidra meditation that is about 20 mins long, put it on before going to sleep, I barely ever make it through the whole thing before my body of fast asleep. I also like that you can download these meditations so you don't have to have the buzz of the phone going while meditating.

After this yin practice, I was inspired to pull some cards, and sit my my crystal bowl and tuning forks. When. I pulled the cards, I pulled the empress, the high priestess, and the preserver(from another deck), 2 of the 3 cards had pregnant women on them. Cards representing the mother, protector, preserver, and knower. I felt them to be very timely and they offered me some guidance as I worked with the crystal bowl and tuning forks. Sitting with the crystal bowl I went through the seed chakra sounds, and some other sounds that work different points in the body. Some I chose to sit with longer because I felt more stuck energy there. With the voice work, when a sound doesn't come through how I "want" it to sound, I sit with it longer, until I move through the stuck energy and the sound is much more harmonious. Often times there is a shake of release, a deep breath, sometimes even a burp that comes along with this, helping tj release the energy that had been stuck. Then I brought the tuning forks out. I use these in a similar way, as I strike the tuning forks they offer more insight into my energetic field. You know how you can hear an instrumental song and feel an emotion from it? The tuning forks offer the same sounds, so when you really listen you can hear what emotions are trapped in certain places of your body. When you sit with what may be causing this feeling, you move this energy through and can release it, bringing your spirit back to a pure state of bliss.

These are all practices I offer, and can do in person or online to help you move through energy that no longer serves you.

These practices also allow me to sit with emotions of the past, in certain places in our bodies we hold certain emotions, and ties to our ancestors. Yesterday I did lots of accepting of my ancestors. Down the lineage it seems things were done that caused a lot of hurt and pain through the line. In many cases these relatives came to me sharing they didn't mean to hurt anyone, they really themselves were unaware of why they did the things they did, and are deeply sorry for what was caused. This brought heavy sobs, and warmth around as I witnessed them offering hugs, and a surrender of feelings and emotions. This allowed me to relax places in my body that have continuously held tension, for most of my life. I will continue to do this work to heal this within me. Which also helps to move this energy through my whole family tree.

After all this cool, deep healing, I felt called to the sauna. In the sauna, I listened to a German New Medicine class that I purchased, pregnancy part 2, it got about 20 minutes in and cut out, so then I did more vocal work. The class mentioned some very interesting things. I really resonate with the way GNM looks at illness and disease, it's very similar to how I have found to look at things in relation to how spirit and emotion manifests into this physical body.

When I got home I made some delicious beanless beef chili! Ingredients : force of nature ground beef with organs, onions, fire roasted diced tomatoes, sliced mushrooms, bell peppers, zucchini, beef bone broth, chili powder, cumin, salt, and pepper. Yum! I cooked it all in the pressure cooker sauteed the meat first, then threw in the onions, added the ingredients as I chopped them and then pressurized for 17 minutes, to perfection! So good, so nourishing! Baby and I love it!

I then began to paint, something I'd like to paint as a mural, hopefully I'll have more news on that to come!!!

In joy your day! Much love,


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